Friday, October 21, 2005

Up down! Up down! Up ?

Saying for the day: The road to heaven was made possible by God's grant of his Son.
-------Good night last night. I feel better today at least part of the time. My stomach is still acting up. In the morning the washer quit working and we had to call a repairman. He came soon after the call and told us we need a new switch. Of course it has to be ordered. He made a temporary repair so Betty can use the washer until the switch comes. I updated the church web page with picnic pictures and Sunday's bulletin. Betty wrapped some more gifts. I continued to transfer old vhs tapes to DVD.In the afternoon we returned the broken DVD player to the store and got a new one in its place. Of course we shopped a litttle while we were there.The drive over and back would have been beautiful if the sun had been shining but it wasn't. We went grocery shopping when we got back to Crystal. Betty unloaded the grocerys and I checked the E-mail. I bid on a railroad car on E-bay and was within 18 seconds of winning when I got outbid. I didn't really need it anyway. Well I do need a breathing treatment.


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