Monday, October 17, 2005

Monday October 17

Saying for the day: Henry Ford:Don't find fault:Find a remedy.
------Good night last night. Got off to a slow start this morning. By the time the breathing treatment was done and we were dressed and ready to go it was 10:00. Betty brought stuff from the living room to the basement. I took new pictures of the O27 layout from a different angle. I will add them to the website tomorrow. Then Betty and I went to the church so I could arrange to get some baptismal pictures. We talked about cake cutting or cutting out cakes. I told the office if they need a cake send me the bill. Then we went and I had blood drawn so my doctor will have information when I have my check up tomorrow. When we got home Dawn called and offered to take us to lunch. When she arrived I copied some pictures for her and reduced them in size. Then we went to Fob's . WHile we were talking we discovered that she thought Chris was going there for Thanksgiving and we thought she was coming to Green Bay. When we came home we started cleaning the back room where the HO train layourt will go. It will be an all week job. Betty went to a Bible study. Pennie called and talked about her workshop she had attended. She wanted a source for figures and I sent her three web sites by E-mail. Well I need a breathing treatment.


Blogger Sister Chris said...

I found your blog spot thru the blog website--please put a direct link back on the family web page, as that is how I usually get to it!
haven't done too much with the video/dvd burner yet. (I e-mailed you direct about the missing link). Well got to go and take a nap. Love, Chris

2:46 PM  

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