Saturday, October 15, 2005

Saturday October 15

Saying for the Day:Abraham Lincoln:To ease another's heartache is to forget one's own.
-----Horrible night last night. Everything ached. I got up at 3:00 and took a hot bath and that helped me to sleep until just after six. WE moved fast this morning to get everything ready for the trip. I drove to Rhinelander and Betty watched "Left Behind" on the DVD player. Once we got to Rhinelander we drove right buy the motel where the train show was and proceded to get lost. We get lost everywhere.We stopped for directions at the CITGO station and that's when we discovered we had driven past the Motel. We registered and saw the first layout in N scale. Betty bought a raffle ticket on the layout. We won a doorprize which consisted of a HO boxcar. We saw a great G scale indoor layout. The owner had three very expensive engines and his wife had a picture book of their garden layout. Across from this was a double layout of old American Flyer three track trains including one in standard gauge. It was awesome. We took in two workshops. One on making trees and one on Command control of the trains. Then we went to the logging musuem and saw a huge HO layout that must have taken thousands of hours of work. To get to it you had to go down a horrible number of stairs. Later we found out there was a ramp I could have used. Well the exercise might have been good for me. Betty drove home and I watched and old Shirley Temple movie. It had a happy ending. Betty said the autumn colors were beautiful. Arriving home we took some pictures of our O27 layout and we will soon add them to our web page which in case you have forgotten is at . Well I need a breathing treatment.


Blogger Sister Chris said...

George wants to know "for whatever for ??" do you need a dvd player in the car?? (he sounds like Dawn when it concerns computers and/or tv) He says don't we watch the scenery go by anymore?? He also does not agree with people on the cell phone while driving. We got the sound to work on the video capture card and he has downloaded on tv movie already. Cool!!Now he has to teach me how to do it. However, I am self tutoring myself on how to make a music video. All I've accomplished on that is ripping some of my cd collection into the hard drive, but I didn't even get to finish that--about 5 more to rip. But I will get it done.

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