Thursday, October 06, 2005

Wednesday October 5

Saying for the Day:Some people not only expect opportunity to knock, they expect it to beat down the door.
-----Good night last night , sort of. In the morning we took Luke to Pre-school and then went shopping. As`usual we spent far too much. Picked up Luke`and he argued that we should go to Perkins for Pizza. I didn't think Perkins had Pizza but they had a child size pizza and Luke was right. I hate losing an argument to a four year old. In the afternoon we came back to the house and I checked my E-mail. Aunt Pennie`came and we went to super at I-hop.My new DVD player quit working.It plays sound but no picture. Now` I have to find the recipt and take it back. Went to send this message` to Blogger but it was`down. Well I need a breathing treatment


Blogger Peter said...

Sorry about your DVD player. I lose to both Brea and Luke they both have better memories then me.

1:44 PM  

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