Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Wednesday September 28

Saying for the Day:If the minimum wasn't acceptable it wouldn't be called the minimum.George Muncaster
-------It was a miserable day in Pigeon Falls today. fog in the morning and rain all day. On such a day the White Rabbit choose to make two appearances. First he was seen by a group of tourists who came in on a special car behind the milk train. As they got off the train he was standing on the end of the platform. He winked at them and then turned and hoped away. By the time the tourists went after him he had disappeared. The second appearance was at five thirty in the afternoon in Mrs. Trumble's back yard. She was looking out her kitchen window and saw him standing there as big as life. According to Mrs. Trumble he bared his fangs at her and then hoped off into the woods. She called the constable but by time Pete got there the rain had washed away any trace of him. Mrs. Trumble says she is having a new and stronger lock put on every door in the house just in case it comes back to get her. Mrs. Trumble is the only one that has seen fangs or claws on the rabbit. She was just getting over the flue and just maybe she had too much cold medicine.
One of M&CL railroads engines broke down in the middle of the pouring rain and the poor tourists on board had to sit and wait while a repair crew came and made repairs. I am telling you they were not happy. One of them said I thought this only happened on airplanes. Dr. Forester did every thing he could, short of refunding their money, to sooth their feelings. He came and met with them personally which you know no airline head would do. Well I'll keep you informed.
---- Rough night last night, did not sleep at all well. This morning I worked in the garage while Betty went up to the Church to help put out the newsletter. The garage is almost ready for Saturday when we take the lay out down. After working on the newsletter Betty came home and helped in the garage until she went to Tops. I ran two trains in the morning until they both just stopped in the rain. I won't know what went wrong until tomorrow if it dries up. In the afternoon Betty and I went shopping. We got storage things for the garage and a bunch of other stuff we probably didn't really need. Coming home we opened and checked in all the Christmas gifts that have come . Our Christmas shopping is almost done. Our roller coaster for next years layout came but we may need my grandson Alex's help to put it together. It is a Knex coaster and Alex is the family expert. Dawn called to ask what kind of pasty I like better, big or little. I got an E-mail from Ralph asking about a Bispola and did a people search on the computer but couldn't find the one he was looking for. Well I really need a breathing treatment.


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