Friday, September 23, 2005

Friday September 23

Saying for the Day: A day without sunshine is like, well, night.
------- Mrs. Morris's dog Klenex didn't come home last night and when it dragged in this morning it was in terrible shape. It seemed obvious it had been in some sort of fight. Mrs. Morris took it to the Vet where it got thirty stitches and an antibiotic shot. The Vet said there were trace of rabbit fur in Klenex's teeth and he guessed that Klenex and another dog or Klenex and a wolf got into a fight over a rabbit. Mrs. Morris felt that that made good sense and took Klenex home to recover. Mrs. Trumble, the next door neighbor, saw things quite differently. She was sure that Klennex had gotten into a fight with the white rabbit which as she now remembered had five inch claws. She was going all over telling people that today it attacks our dogs but tomorrow it attacks our children. She is convinced its some kind of mutant caused by the government Elf program that filled our air with strange electric signals. Or she says it could be a mutant caused by genetic engineering at the University. In that case its part rabbit and part human. One of the vacationers in looking through his digital camera pictures discovered that he might have a picture of the white rabbit. He took it through the train window and the rabbit was standing next to a tree house on the edge of town. Mrs. Tumble said it was too nice looking to be the white rabbit she saw. Tom Bispola checked into the Marquette Hospital Alcoholic treatment center today. He said seeing all those white rabbits made him realize he had a problem. Mrs. Bispola is saying thank God for the white rabbit. Well I'll keep you informed.
----- Rough night last night , woke often and my legs really hurt. In the morning Betty continued working on Bree's costume and I worked on the web page. The painters came and painted the bathroom. Now that that is finished there will be no more projects this year, Next year the windows need to be replaced. In the afternoon Betty watched a video tape on how to use her new sewing machine and I went and worked in the garage. Then we did some more Christmas shopping off of the web. I didn't make any bids on E-bay today at least not yet. Betty measured the tables to find out if they could handle our o27 Marx trains and there was one in the basement, now we need some track. Betty has gone with her birthday club for super and I am going to take a bath. Breathing treatment will have to wait until Betty comes home.


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