Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Tuesday September 20

Saying for the day:"The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up.":Mark Twain
----- According to Nancy they are going to tear down the old Doctor's building next to the Pigeon Inn. For years, until the clinic was built, it was where people went for medical attention. Then it was used by several lawyers and now it stands empty. So many people have so many memories attached to that building that it is sad to see it torn down but I guess everything has and end. At the same time work continues on tearing down the old Pigeon Falls hospital which will not be replaced. The nearest emergency room is now a half hour away by train. A special rail ambulance has been set up to handle emergencies. Progress sometimes is not friendly to everybody. Of course after the 30 minute ride they will be at a hospital that is better equipped and more modern than the old hospital but tell that to someone whose appendix is about to burst. Lately in Pigeon falls there has been more tearing down than building and there are a lot of buildings for sale. I guess Pigeon Falls mirrors a lot of Upper Peninsula towns with no employment for the young who move away.
Other "news" from Nancy concerns our school superintendent Miss Victoria Worsworth. The word is that she is thinking of leaving to become Superintendent of a downstate school system where she won't have to teach eighth grade and where the school has k-12 instead of just k-8 . One could hardly blame her for leaving but where will we find a superintendent /eighth grade teacher to replace her? Besides she knows how to handle Tommy. Well I'll keep you informed.
----- Had a good night last night. Got up to discover we had gotten outbid on E-bay as we tried the get a Knex Roller Coaster. I did get three Marx trains that I don't need and shouldn't have bid on. I was looking to see what I could get for my Marx train and these were going so cheap that I couldn't resist bidding. I expected to be overbid but I wasn't. There was a tunnel Betty wanted but we lost the bid on that. After the nonsense we worked on the little coffee shop. Then Dawn and Paul came with the rocks and we went to lunch at Fob's. They have a schedule of grandkid things they are going to . They are trying to put together a 50th wedding anniversary party a few years early because they said all the grandkids will be leaving home when the real 50th anniversary comes. In the afternoon we finished everything on the coffee shop except the chimney which we will finish tomorrow. Then we went back to Christmas shopping and got a few more gifts ordered. Well I need a breathing treatment.


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