Friday, September 16, 2005

Friday September16

Saying for the Day:"One of the most difficult things to give away is kindness; it usually comes back to you. "
------ I stopped and had coffee and a piece of pie at "Coffee with Nancy" . Nancy Vanhala runs this little coffee shop just off the main street. It is the place to go for coffee and conversation. It is a small little shop that can't handle more than four customers at a time and sometimes there's a line of people waiting to get in. Nancy likes to sit and coffee with her customers and chat a bit. Here you can learn all the local gossip and if your visiting all the good Pigeon Falls stories. She doesn't seem to be interested in expanding or making more money. Her coffee is still $.50 a cup and a good size piece of homemade pie is only $1.25. We chatted and she told me how Fred and Dorothy Berghil were getting divorced. It seems that Dorothy caught him out with another women and he confessed to a little, as he called it, affair. Dorothy won't or can't forgive him and so its headed for the divorce court. According to Nancy the fight over the name is still going on over at Last Lutheran. Its too bad Christians don't set a better example for the rest of God's world. Nancy said a little fight was brewing over at the Methodist Church as well over the pasty sales and how many they should have. Some of the ladies are tired. The Catholic Church is quiet and has been since Father Mike dissolved the parish council which was always fighting over something. The Town Council is still upset over the Oak tree and being stuck with that empty lot at a time when tax revenues are scarce. Nancy revealed that Dr. Fortress has ordered another new Steam Engine or to be exact another old steam engine. He is going to paint it with a Sesame Street theme for his vacation train. Nancy probably had more information but a couple of people were waiting for my table. I'll keep you informed.
-----Good night last night but bad morning. Everything ached when I woke at 4:00 and when I tried to move to relieve the pain my legs cramped. In the morning I continued to work on the Lanyon part of the family web page and it is almost done. Betty worked on Nancy's coffee shop.
She put on a door and put in two windows. I joined her in the afternoon and we made a counter and Betty found a little pie and coffee pot to put on it as well as some dishes for the table. We wallpapered one wall and painted the rest gray. Then Betty did the stone work on the front. The wall she did yesterday turned out very well. Tomorrow we will assemble the building and cut a wood base for it. Pennie called from Miami before she left for home. Peter called and they are thinking of coming to visit tomorrow. I updated the Church's web page with new baptism pictures and this weeks bulletin. I need a breathing treatment.


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