Thursday, September 08, 2005

Thursday September 8

Saying for the Day:"A little kindness from person to person is better than a vast love for all humankind."Author:Richard Dehmel
------ Another beautiful fall day in Pigeon Falls. The leaves on the trees are starting to change color and the area is at its most beautiful. The milk train added two open passenger cars today and they were both full of people out to see God's fall show.
Saima Jupola had her surgery this morning and is doing quite well. They inserted a new hip joint. Now she has to learn to walk again. Some of the relatives don't seem too happy that she survived the surgery. They were feeling that if she died things would work out better. Of course they feel guilty for thinking that way. This is a terrible time for the family with maximum stress.
Some of the tourists that came on the color tour decided to try out Jack's Sauna. They were amazed at how clean it makes you feel and a couple were even thinking of getting one of those modern imitation saunas for their home. You can't beat a real Finnish sauna with a roaring wood fire. The electric version just isn't the same. But even an imitation sauna is better than none at all. Saima Jupola has a sauna in her backyard and I think that's one of the things she doesn't want to give up. well I'll keep you informed.
----- Good night last night. After breakfast we tried to cut another DVD and failed and we don't know why. In the morning I worked on the family web page and Betty cooked for the ELCW meeting . In the afternoon I worked in the garage doing some more cleaning. Then I put a road on the layout next to one of the cabins and put a truck on it. Then I built the front part of a brick house for the layout. Betty cleaned the kitchen and did laundry. Dawn called to let us know she has some more rocks. Betty has gone to the ELCW meeting and is going to try to resign as chair person. When she gets back I need a breathing treatment.


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Did she resign? Did she. did she? not the Pete

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