Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Tuesday August 30

Saying for the day: He who dies with the most toys is still dead.
------A tourist, Nellie Bronkson from Bullput Iowa, saw the white rabbit today. She swears it had on a pink sweater and was holding a duck. It was standing on the end of the station platform and it winked at her. But she turned to see if there was anybody else she could show it to and when she turned back it was gone. The white rabbit story was running its course but this fuels it up again. Now everyone will be looking for white rabbits. In a few days there will be T-shirts that say "I saw the white rabbit in Pigeon Falls." And to go with them little white rabbit key holders. Our local merchants know a good thing when they see one or even when they don't see but just hear about one. I suspect some Sunday Pastor Marvel will show up in a giant bunny suit. In a small town like Pigeon Falls a little goes a long way.
There was almost no music for the dance tomorrow night as Towner Helto's accordion sprung a leak and he couldn't get any music out of it. Eino Jupola came to the rescue and super glued a patch on the bellows. Lets hope it holds for the dance. If worse comes to worse the guitar player and the drummer will have to do the best they can without him. The Old Timers musical group only has three members. It used to have six but two moved away and one died. They still do a good job for dances though. Well keep your eye open for that white rabbit and I'll keep you informed.
-----Good night last night. I spent all morning on the computer reworking the church web page so it would load faster when people go to it. I think the final product is considerably better than what I had before. Pennie sent her copy of Publisher 98 so now I have two copies, from famine to feast. Betty spent the morning cleaning and washing clothes. She went to the doctor in the afternoon and he pronounced her healthy. Our new rolling shelf to take trains to the layout came and we finally got it together. Betty went to the store to get some more craft items to make loads for the trains. I took the plastic wheels off of five cars hoping the metal ones will come tomorrow. I continued cleaning and organizing the study. I made three pages of quilting pictures for Betsy Hagberg who is putting together an album. In the process I found a missing program disk. I did some work on the family website but the revision is not ready to publish yet. Well I need a breathing treatment.


Blogger Peter said...

Glad Betty is healthy. Happy Anniversary.

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