Friday, August 26, 2005

Friday August 26

Saying for the day:Lack of will power has caused more failure than lack of intelligence or ability. Flower A. Newhouse
------It was a dull and dreary day in Pigeon Falls today.It was a day for mystery or confusion. The sign that disappeared from behind Wink's Woods was found today. Some sharp eyed tourist saw it on the roof of the fire station as he rode by in the train. He thought it was odd that the fire station had a keep off sign on it's roof and asked if people climbed up there a lot. Well the hook and ladder boys got it down and its back on the loading dock. The mystery continues, however, since no one seems to know how it left Wink's and ended up on the fire station roof. It certainly didn't go there on its own. Nobody can think of anyone who could climb to the top of the fire station without a ladder and as far as anyone knows there has been no ladder. So the mystery continues. Our local joker suggested it was taken by Mrs. Wilson Mcmorison III's cat which still hasn't returned. He says its so ashamed of itself that its in hiding. At least he didn't suggest it was the Bubster person or a drunken Moose.
The M&CL railroad has a new small boxcar that was built locally with a new super strength plastic. It is lighter and will cost less to haul. In addition its just the right size for those small but important loads that would look silly in a great big boxcar. Its possible this could be a new cottage industry for industry poor Pigeon Falls. Well I'll keep you informed.
-----Had another bad night last night a lot of gas and indigestion. In the morning I worked in the garage putting metal wheels in place of the plastic ones that leave a residue on the track. Betty worked at cleaning up my breathing tubes. After lunch we went grocery shopping . In the afternoon we ran the LGB engine with 12 cars. It was fun to watch.I got stung, however while watching and it still hurts. Betty is painting new loads for the cars and enjoying doing that. I sorted screw drivers into type. Betty took pictures of the train and of the new hole in the old hospital wall. It won't be too long before the hospital building is gone. We will miss it. I hope a copy of Publisher 98 comes tomorrow so I can upgrade the web sites. I had another nice E-mail from Bree. She is the only one that writes to grandpa with any frequency. Well I need a breathing treatment.


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