Sunday, August 21, 2005

Sunday August 21

Saying for the day:You are the Messiah, the Son of the Living God. Simon Peter
-----It was cold in Pigeon Falls today , a reminder of how quick Upper Michigan weather changes. Yesterday they wore short sleeves and today jackets. The street crew was busy today picking up after the parade. They should be glad there were no horses in the parade. Down at Last Lutheran they tried something called a Polka Service they got from some church in Crystal Falls. I believe Pastor Marvel was almost dancing during the liturgy and some people danced down the aisle to communion. Pastor Marvel preached on the question "Who is your Messiah?" . He wanted people to move their dependence from false messiahs to Jesus, the only true Messiah.
In the afternoon the big horse pulling contest was held out at Jupola's field. Some of those horses could pull really big loads. They also produce a lot of fertilizer. This years winner was an old horse, named Moose, that belongs to Jon Bergal. Jon said that this was probably the last year he would enter him. Jon really loves that horse.

Rodney McDonald packed up and left today but the big McDonald's freight car got left behind. Rodney said he had a wonderful time and appreciated how well he was treated by the local people. He said he felt like a big movie star. His clown friends told him not to let it go to his head. The Sesame Street Band left as well on the same train. They also seemed to enjoy their stay in Pigeon Falls. Well I'll keep you informed.
----Very good night last night. Spent the morning trying to fix computer programs and finally got my printer working. Betty went to Church again as she had to serve cake at a baptism coffee. It was cold and dreary so after lunch she spent a couple of hours playing Nancy Drew. She finally caught that fish. Then we spent some time cleaning the garage and she worked on the one house we have left to put out. We both got very cold and came in. I worked on the computer and she went to the grocery store. I called Patrick but he wasn't home. Well I need a breathing treatment and a bath.


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