Saturday, August 13, 2005

Saturday August 12

Saying for the day:Everything is funny as long as it is happening to somebody else.Will Rogers
------They picked the Pigeon Queen last night and the judges choice was a complete surprise. Everyone expected it would be one of three girls: Amelia Jupola, Francis South, or Stephanie Stir. The judges choose to interview five of the twenty girls whose names and information were submitted to them. The five included the expected three plus Emily East, the present Job's Daughters Queen. But the fifth one was Nellie Hokansen . Her father had run off some years ago and her mother lived on welfare. Four of the girls had beautiful new dresses that looked like they had been purchased just for the occasion but Nellie had on a dress that probably came from St. Vincent De Paul. The other girls talked among themselves asking , loud enough for Nellie to hear, why they had invited trash like her to the interviews. This, however, upset Emily who went over and sat with Nellie and tried to make her feel comfortable. This got her some nasty looks from her friends. After the interviews the judges went into a back room and spent about an hour working out the winner. Emily East was named Pigeon Helper (First Runner Up) and then Nellie was named Pigeon Queen. You could have heard a pin drop in that place when the announcement was made. Sometimes justice and mercy prevail even without a Fairy Godmother.
The yellow brick road race was run today. There were fifty runners. Winner was Thomas Already from New York. He said it was really hard running on bricks. Pat Linna came in third which is pretty good for a sort of old guy. His three boys were there cheering him on and I think they were disappointed he didn't win. Well I'll keep you informed.
----Very good night last night, no leg cramps. Ran trains all morning with both the LGB and Lionel engines pulling the trains. They ran very well and there was very little trouble. Betty cut some of the siding for the garage and painted it red. She'll finish it tomorrow. We had four people from Rhinelander stop in and admire the layout. One of them collects Marx trains. Two kids stopped in. Ray Pfeiffer who use to live in Crystal Falls but now lives in Minnesota came by. In the afternoon we watched the train program on PBS. Then we went to church. Not a bad sermon. After church we went grocery shopping. Coming back I worked on adding sound to the family linna web page. Well I need a breathing treatment.


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