Sunday, August 07, 2005

Sunday August 7

Saying for the day:For the law was given through Moses. Grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.John 1:17
-----Well everyone knew it was going to happen , sooner or later. They were waiting ever since Tommy, the undertaker's kid, started calling Pastor Marvel, Captain Marvel, after the old comic book character. Well today Pastor Marvel entered the pulpit dressed in a red jump suit with a big yellow lightning bolt on his chest and a white cape with yellow edging. He hollered 'Shazam" at the top of his lungs, and of course nothing happened. Then he pointed out that if he was really Captain Marvel he would have become Billy Batson the newspaper boy. "We Christians", he continued, "don't have any magic words that give us super powers and the God's that supposedly gave Captain Marvel Power didn't exist. But we do have power available to us that is as life changing as Shazam was for Billy. Our power comes from our relationship with Jesus. It comes by grace because the God of all power loves us. We can tap into that power through prayer and by reading the Bible where God speaks to us. " Of course there was more to the sermon than that but I don't have room for all of it. This afternoon the rehearsals for tomorrow's variety show continued. Angela South is still forgetting her lines and her husband is getting desperate. He is threatening to be sick tomorrow so he won't have to be embarrassed. Tommy, keeps taping and his father said its driving him insane. Well tomorrow it will be all over. I'll keep you informed.
------Had a restless night last night, I have no idea why. In the morning I put the flower pictures on the church web page. The Ahlberg's stopped by to look at the layout. Then Betty and I worked at putting the restaurant figures together for the red roof cafe. Then we put them out on the layout. We also added a pretzel wagon and a cotton candy wagon. We put new cars out on main street, added a fisherman or two to Crippled Creek. In the afternoon Betty and I took pictures of the pool and waterfall then added them to our family web page. After that I worked at cleaning up my hard drive. I found thousands and thousands of pictures of me and Betty sitting in the office. They were stored when we were using the web cam. I deleted them all. Then I backed up part of the hard drive on two DVDs.
Betty built little picnic tables and benchs from a kit. It was really delicate work and she does it well. WEll I need a breathing treatment.


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Did someone say cotton candy? I'll be right there! - Lori

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