Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Wednesday August 3

Saying for the Day:You can observe a lot by watching.Yogi Berra
------Well they set up for Art on the Yellow Brick Road today. Lots of artists and lots of different kinds of art from paintings to carvings. They will be exhibiting all week. The Liar's club started their Pigeon Days story contest today. In the end it is designed to pick the best story teller in the Liar's Club. The idea is to tell a story that could be true but at least it has to have the ring of truth. They seal off one side of main street and put up a little platform next to the bandstand for the story teller. Five tourists are selected to do the judging and they sit in the bandstand and hold up cards from 1 to 10. The speaker needs to get an average of 9 points to go on to the next round. There are four speakers each day and no speaker can talk for more that ten minutes. Fifteen people have entered the contest. The first speaker was Jon Bergal, a local farmer. This is his story." Have you noticed there are no railings at the front of the Post Office even though Federal regulations require them? There used to be a beautiful railing there until Bullfrog Jupola came down with arthritis. The pain in his knees would get so bad when he was walking down town that he would grab those railings and twist and chew on them to dull the pain. As the pain got worse he chewed and twisted more and more. Finally when he passed away the railings were in such bad shape that town council had them cut off at the base and fully intended to replace them. Now if you don't believe me go over to the Post Office and you will find the stubs in the sidewalk where the posts were cut off". Jon Got two tens, two nines , and an eight. He will go on to the next round. The other three contestants for the day failed to get better than a seven. Well Fred Stir might have done better but he went over the ten minute limit by ten minutes. He just doesn't know when to stop talking. Well I'll keep you informed.
------Good night last night. The garage door stuck open last night and some animal went through the garbage. Betty went to the Tops picnic and I ran trains in the morning. It was so hot. In the afternoon I ran trains had visitors from Lansing who stopped to see the trains and my wife's dentist's hygienist who stopped to see the trains. Did I say it was hot. It was also humid. Betty came home and worked at painting a house for the layout. I worked on the computer and made some more pictures from the trip. Well I need a breathing treatment and a glass of pop or maybe a glass of pop and a breathing treatment.


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