Monday, August 01, 2005

Sunday July 31

Saying for the day:"If God be for us, who can be against us?" - Romans 8:31
…..The Pigeon Story
In the beginning Pigeon Falls was called Potato Grove , since it was the potato crop that sustained the village. It provided both food to eat and food to sell. Farmers from Finland and Sweden had settled here and after moving tons of rocks began growing potatoes. For a few years everything went well. Then without warning a strange new bug appeared. No one knew where it came from but it attacked the potato plants with a vengeance. Pastor Helve Tillinen said it was God’s vengeance because the farmers were such bad givers and didn’t go to church much. He predicted the end of Potato Grove. The Pastor at the Methodist Church , Justin Cooper, said God wasn’t like that but urged people to pray for divine intervention. Just when things were at their darkest a the huge flock of pigeons swooped in and ate all the bugs, every last one of them. The crop was saved and the farmers decided that as a way of thanking the pigeons they would change the town’s name to Pigeon Falls and refrain from eating them. They also decided to raise money for a big pigeon statue to stand at the edge of town as a constant reminder of what the pigeons had done.. And so we continue to celebrate the start of Pigeon Falls.. This is the official story as it is engraved on the Pigeon Statue on main street.
-----Of course last night was bad, same motel, same matters. We got up a 5:30 so we could have the car packed and ready to go by 8:00. Peter went on the hotel public computer and found us a route to Greater America without the road construction we went through on the way down. He did a great job. All three cars were packed and ready to go by 8:00, no easy task with five kids. We arrived at the park at about 9:30. My sister Chris and George met us at the park. It has been a long te since I last saw her so it was good to spend the day with her.Pennie and I rented electric wheel chairs. I would never have mad it through the day without it. It was hot. The kids seemed to have a good time as did their parents and Aunt Pennie. I am really thankful that the families took some of their free time so that we could all be together as a family. I am thankful to chris and George for driving over and spending the day with us. At 6:30 we left the park. Pat and family left for Madison and the other two cars left for Green Bay where we arrived at about 10:00. Betty and I stayed at the Excel Inn and the beds were much better. I had a breathing treatment


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I had a wonderful time with you guys.


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