Monday, August 01, 2005

Saturday July 30

Saying for the day:"A baby is God's opinion that the world should go on."- Carl Sandburg
Today was the start of the annual Pigeon days celebration which runs through all of August, Mayor Angela South stood on the Town Hall steps and read the official proclamation from the town Council. It read as follows.
…..In as much as Pigeon Falls exists because of the good deeds of pigeons;
…..And in as much as it is good to remember how we came to be;
…..And in as much as the good deed happened in the month of August;
Therefore let us;
…...1. Set aside the month of August to be celebrated as Pigeon Days.
…...2. Set August 20 as the day for the annual Pigeon Days parade.
…...3. Be extra considerate of pigeons for the entire month.
…...4. Pick a Pigeon Queen –contest to be held on August 17 at the Methodist Church.
…...5. Learn the Pigeon story and be sure to tell it to all the tourists.
…...6. Invite relatives and friends to visit Pigeon Falls during this period.
Having finished reading the proclamation the Mayor tacked it to the door of the Town Hall for all to read. This is necessary because probably only three or four people stopped to hear her read it.
In all fairness, to the good citizens, it is the same proclamation every year. Usually it is tacked next to the Pigeon Story, itself. Well I'll keep you informed.
------Well Friday night at the motel was really bad. The mattress was the worst I ever slept on. Saturday we went to the National Garden Railroad Convention at St. Charles, Illinois. It was truly great. I discovered that Garden Railroad people, in general, are helpful, polite, friendly, and always willing to share an idea or two. I got to talk to the man who puts out Large Scale on line, a very nice person .He was taking pictures so I didn't take many because I know he will share his on the Large Scale website. We also discovered that at least one of the dealers is very honest. The dealer was the man who makes the figures called Just Plain Folk. We bought some figures from him and Betty gave him what she thought were two twenties . We got half way down the aisle when he came running after us because she had given him three twenties by mistake. The entire experience was good. My grandchildren enjoyed the big train layouts with running trains and that was good. We bought more than we should have. I got a Lionel G scale locomotive, some figures, fake rock, two milk cars, and a few other things. In the afternoon we went back to the motel and my kids and their kids had a terrific time in the pool which they had all to themselves. We went out to supper at Old Country Buffet in Carol Stream. When we came back I took a breathing treatment.


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