Thursday, July 28, 2005

Thursday July 28

Saying for the Day:Doing no good is doing evil enough!
------It rained again today in Pigeon Falls and people are beginning to wonder if they prayed a little too hard. Of course the farmers aren't unhappy, the rain means they can shut off the artificial watering systems and save a little money. The people who live for and off of the tourist trade are the one's that are unhappy. They need all the sunshine they can get. It has been a good year for tourists in Pigeon Falls even though the trains have been somewhat fouled up. Tourists like the old look of the town and the good citizens do little things to enhance that look.
The Kivisto Public Sauna, one of the last in Upper Michigan, is one of the attractions. A Sauna still costs only $5.00 and for that you get an authentic, old, Finnish Sauna. the Sauna has wood stoves, rocks to make steam, and water pails to throw water on the rocks. It is far better that those electric copies that pass off as Saunas in the rest of the world. Kivisto's Sauna has been there since the beginning of Pigeon Falls and is still operated by a family member. It is not the original Sauna as that burned down in 1931 when some fool overfilled the wood stove and fell asleep. What a Sauna he got. In any case the tourists love Jack's Sauna.
The Pigeon Days Committee was really busy today. They got a group of volunteers to sweep the yellow brick road which will feature in many of the activities of Pigeon Days. They also sent out letters with the cooperation of Last Lutheran Church which allowed them to use the computer and the printer, no charge. The letters went to people who might be interested in exhibiting in the Art On the Yellow Brick Road event. These were mostly people who have exhibited in the past but there were a few new possibilities. Well I'll keep you informed as to what's happening in Pigeon Falls.
------Well I had a good night last night and I used no oxygen. Every time I woke up I monitored my Oxygen content and it stayed up all night. Contrary to some of my children's opinions I did not stop using oxygen because of this trip but because I am tired of hauling those tanks wherever I go over night. The last time I was in the hospital they told me I didn't really need the night oxygen but I was afraid to let go. Now I can go and just take my small emergency tank. In the morning I had to work between the rain drops. Bree and I put in the Yellow Brick Road. She has been such a help I hate to see her go home. I made transfers but we didn't get to use them. At the same time Betty was preparing for our trip. We went to the Museum and posted a sign inviting people to come and see the train run on Wednesdays. That means I only have next Tuesday to check out the trains I will be running and getting everything ready. When we came back it was raining hard. I came and updated the church's web page for August. I changed the look again. I made some pictures of the quilters for Bettsy Hill. Betty did laundry and washed Brees hair at least I think she did. Well I need a breathing treatment.


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