Friday, July 22, 2005

Friday July 22

Saying for the Day: We are all here for a spell. Get all the good laughs you can.:Will Rogers
.....Well this Bubster person is still the main topic being discussed in Pigeon falls today. Everyone is searching their memory and trying to find some connection to a Bubster. At this point there has been no success. The way the story is moving one almost expects that half the town will be out to meet the train when he comes. Tommy, the undertakers son, said he wants to ask him if he is a good Bubster or a bad Bubster. He just got through watching a DVD of the Wizard of Oz. Well it will be a couple of weeks before we know more but that won't keep people from talking and guessing. Sharing ignorance is not something that only national TV news people do, it began in small towns like Pigeon Falls. Mo, Morningsunrises Material, is still in Pigeon Falls. She says she is staying until she can approve the high tunnel at Crippled Creek and the trestle. Her failure to give her approval thus far has caused a good number of problems for the railroad and the town. She is very stubborn but people tend to like her. Today she made pasties with the Methodist ladies. They said she is one great pasty maker and very fast too. The story in town is she is a sister to Dr. Fortress who is the President of the M&CL railroad and she has him so upset he's not talking to her. If he is her brother she sure isn't playing favorites .
They are hauling out the big ladder and getting ready to hang the Pigeon Days banner. Pigeon Falls doesn't have one of those fancy lift vehicles so they have to depend on a high ladder. It takes two men to put the banner up, one to climb the ladder and tie the banner in place and the other to hold the ladder steady. Last year a big wind came up just as the second side of the banner was being fixed in place .It caught the banner straight on and the ladder and the man were pulled out into the street. The fellow holding the ladder held on and slowly leaned it back against the roof but is scared them both so bad that they had to find somebody else to put it up this year. Well I'll keep you informed as to what's happening in Pigeon Falls.
......Had a good night last night used the big mask. I tried the small one and it fell apart. This morning Betty and I created the banner for Pigeon falls. I made the transfers on the computer and she pressed them on the cloth. We also put transfers on a sweater with our web site and blog site to wear to the National Garden Railroad Convention in Chicago. Then we finished the cabinet that was left in the living room and moved it to the kitchen. Betty went to the Credit Union and transferred money from savings to checking so we could pay for the new bathtub. we were very disappointed because the plumber didn't show up this morning so we are still without a working bathtub. In the afternoon Betty went back to painting the house for the railroad and I finished the yellow brick road. I started a set of street lamps to tie the banner to. Then Betty went off to her Birthday Club for supper. I worked on enlarging my Large Scale on Line Badge so we could put it on a transfer and attach it to my hat. Sue called and they are coming North the first week in August. We hope to get together with them sometime that week. I spent some time working on a little mystery of my own with no luck. Well I need a breathing treatment.


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