Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Wednesday July 14

Saying for the day:Honest criticism is hard to take, particularly from a relative, a friend, an acquaintance, or a stranger- Franklin P. Jones
.......Another nice day in Pigeon Falls, with work continuing on, repairing Wink's Woods, and the old Timormen house. The road commission came and did its yearly evaluation of Pigeon Falls roads. They always find lots wrong but never provide any money to repair them. The only really good road that Pigeon Falls has is the yellow brick road built by Eino's grandfather, Bullfrog Jupola. Of course Bullfrog wasn't his real name , that was Eino same as his grandson. Eino has no idea how his grandfather came to be called Bullfrog but he is doing some research to try to find out. In any case everyone called him Bullfrog. He was a great horse trader and made a lot of money buying and selling things. That's how the brick road got built. Bullfrog got a load of bricks in trade for something or another and thought he had a great deal until the train showed up with the bricks and they turned out to be yellow. It seems Bullfrog couldn't talk anybody into building something with yellow bricks. So old Bullfrog sat down with the town council and offered to build a road out of town as far as the bricks would go. It would replace the dirt road where in the Spring and Fall the cars kept getting stuck in the mud. Bullfrog offered the road at cost to the town and the city fathers took the deal. Well Bullfrog didn't make any money on that deal but he didn't lose any either and he wasn't stuck with a load of bricks. He took his old friend Frank Baum out to show off his new road and Frank was really impressed. He wanted to know where the road went and Eino, who didn't want to say it just ended out in the woods where a dirt road continued, told him it went to the Green City. The next thing Bullfrog knew Frank had written a book and included the yellow brick road and the Emerald City. The next time he came to go fishing he gave Bullfrog a signed copy. Eino still has that book. When the movie came out the town council voted to put up a sign that said "This is the original yellow brick road". Bullfrog built well because aside from a few replacement bricks that road is as good as ever. Too bad Bullfrog isn't still alive so we could tell him we need another lane. Well I'll keep you informed as to what's happening in Pigeon Falls.
......Very good night last night. Only woke up once before 5:30. In the morning Dawn and Paul came with another load of rocks and took us to breakfast at Fob's. Poor Betty could only drink because she is not allowed to eat anything until after her test tomorrow. I finished repairs to Wink's Woods in the morning. Betty went to Tops. The men are hard at work putting in our new bathtub and toilet. In the afternoon Betty went back to painting the little house and I began to build a yellow brick road out of little model bricks we found in the basement. Betty sprayed them with yellow paint. Coming in I searched on the internet for an apartment building in Green Bay that would rent for less that six months. We are thinking of going to Green Bay for January and February. Peter is looking for us as well. Betty is a little upset because the stuff she drank to get her ready for the exam tomorrow had red dye in it and she wasn't supposed to drink anything with red dye. She went out and bought another bottle with the same stuff but clear. She used this in place of the other bottle with the red dye in it. I am slowly entering things into my home inventory list which is called "Everything I Own 3" from a company called Mycroft. Well I need a breathing treatment.


Blogger Peter said...

Pete wants the church ladies to know that although the pasties were very good, he did find a set of dentures and wonders whre he should send them. -Lori

7:57 PM  
Blogger Sister Chris said...

Let's see if this works..

3:09 PM  
Blogger Sister Chris said...

Yep, it works..
Hello all, George and I look forward to seeing you at Great America at the end of the month!
Hope John keeps it between the lines when he's driving and not speeding, that would be bad to get a ticket after not having driven all this time!! Hope Betty is feeling better soon.

3:12 PM  
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