Sunday, July 10, 2005

Sunday July 10

Saying for the Day:If you're headed in the wrong direction, God allows U-turns
.....Well its the day after the big wedding and Pigeon Falls is recovering from all the excitement. Last Lutheran Church has fewer people then usual for Sunday morning since Lutherans tend to believe that going to church more than once a week is unnecessary and weddings count, besides a good number are at home sleeping off the results of the big reception that lasted until 2:00 in the morning. There was some confusion, yesterday over the wedding pictures, Eino arranged to get a big name photographer from Green Bay ( Lori Linna ) to come and take the wedding pictures. Then the trestle over by the Red Roof Restaurant was found to be a bit shaky so the railroad rerouted its passenger train causing a huge mix up in schedules ( as bad as airlines ). Lori arrived in Pigeon Falls and hour late and the wedding had already started. Worse there are no taxis in town and all the people were at the wedding. She was left sitting on the Masonic building steps waiting for the reception. She did take reception pictures but pictures of a soaked to the skin bride and groom are not exactly the stuff memories are made of. She did get a picture of Grandma Morris's wedding cake with the plastic bride and groom leaning slightly to the right. So the only pictures at the wedding itself were taken by Tommy, the undertaker's kid, with a nd old Brownie Box camera using 620 Kodak color film. Now we have to wait until the pictures come back to see how they came out. Esteher Kivi said she's put the film in the mail first thing tomorrow morning. One last bit of picture information, the bride's uncle Hugo Jupola from Florida arrived on the same train as Lori but he went down to the Usd Car lot and took one of the cars, which was alright because he is the brother of the owners and a silent partner in the business as Well. He got to the church just as they were coming out and took one picture with one of those new fangled digital cameras. I understand it turned out fine. Well I'll keep you informed as to what's happening in Pigeon Falls.
......Had a good night at the motel except for the results of the lasix which I took in the evening instead of in the morning. In the morning spent some time in the hot tub (6:00 to 6:30) and then we tried to get ready for church but by the time I took the breathing treatment, my pills, and had breakfast. we only had a half an hour to load the car and get to the church so we gave up. After loading the car we went to Menard's to get Betty some goggles and ended up buying, a nail gun, two sawhorses, nails, stain, wood, door mat, and the goggles. Then we went to the Barnes and Noble bookstore where we bought $75 worth of books. After that we went to a shop that has all kinds of little houses and ornaments. We bought a Gazebo with a band, a pretzel wagon, and a woodpile. The entire family then met for lunch at the Old Country Buffet (the rest of the family went to church). Then off to Peter's and canasta. We left for home about 5:30. well I really need a breathing treatment.


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