Sunday, July 03, 2005

Tuesday July5

Saying for the day:As a child of God, prayer is kind of like calling home everyday.
.....Well the rumor that the Pigeon Days committee is getting a top rated star for the Pigeon Days parade still persists Non of the committee has talked thus far. You know the committee, its been the same five people for ever, Eino Jupal from Eino and Toivo's Sorta Usd Cars, Esther Kivi from the Kivi and Maki variety store, Roger Stir from the All Hands Insurance Office, Tom Ellingsen the undertaker, and Mrs. Victoria Worsworth our school Superintendent. They absolutely refuse to either deny or confirm the rumor. But its a small town and you can't keep a secret forever. The ladies from the Lutheran Church, that make quilts to send to poor foreign countries, are making the repairs to the Pigeon Day's Banner. This is essential because there isn't enough money in the fund to pay for a new one, times are pretty tight in Pigeon Falls. There isn't even enough money to pay the usual prizes for the best whatever in the parade so the committee had to cut every prize in half. Of course non of the good citizens of Pigeon Falls cares about prize money, its the honor of winning that's important. Well I'll keep you informed of what's going on in Pigeon Falls.
.....Had a good night last night. This morning we mad calls to get some help after the truck called and said our bathtub would be here at 10:00 in the morning. Well we got old faithful Dick Hendrickson and Buddy West so the bathtub now sits in the hallway instead of out on the lawn.
Then I went downstairs and cut some boards to use to make a trestle when we get the time. Betty went and got the mail which included the Garden Railroad Magazine and a new hand cart for hauling things. I drool over the adds and she reads the articles.
Then betty and I worked on getting the river to stop leaking, not an easy job .After lunch we put the handcart together and then went back to building the mountain with the rocks Dawn and Paul brought. We used our new cart to haul them. Betty them locked them in place with foam. Its coming but not there yet. Christine sent an E-mail saying she might meet us at the National Railroad Show. She also wanted me to be sure to tell Peter and Pat there was a water park now connected to Greater America. I called Peter to ask about Bree's birthday only to find they had posted it to the blog. So we may go there Saturday. Well I need a breathing treatment.


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