Friday, July 08, 2005

Pigeon Falls Recap

Pigeon Falls-The Little Town the State and Time forgot, where all the men hunt deer and the women let them..
For those of you who may have missed some of the Pigeon Falls information here is a recap. The recent storm really hit Pigeon Falls hard. The Town Hall, local tavern, post office, Masonic building, and Lutheran parsonage were all blown over. Have to get the repair crew out tomorrow and see what we can do. It was a devastating storm. Peter Linna from Green Bay wondered if we need to start some kind of relief effort for the town and said the buildings will have to be built better. The citizens of Pigeon Falls appreciate his efforts but are very independent and want no help. Rain hampered town clean up in the morning but by the afternoon we got the town back in order. Put in the new school (city engineer said it wouldn't handle a storm like the old school which was untouched by the wind) and put the cemetery back. Only lost one citizen of Pigeon Falls. It was a little old lady that a house fell on. She was wearing funny ruby slippers and I swear a bunch of little people were dancing around and singing.
.....A few last words about the storm at Pigeon Falls-When we finally got the house off the old lady some water fell on her from the roof and she burned up. As she was disappearing she said two things ."Forget the yellow brick road" and "Don't give my shoes to Dorothy ".The shoes by the way are at the parsonage of Last Lutheran Church, where the Rev.Alowishus Marvel, a real wizard of a guy is pastor .
......Well with the big storm behind them the good citizens of Pigeon Falls are getting ready for their annual Pigeon Days. The big sign that hangs across the street needs to be mended and hung, a parade planned, and somebody has to find some pigeons. It would not be pigeon day without pigeons. They seem to be in scarce supply this year. Some say its because Tommy, the undertakers kid got that new bb gun but to be fair it could just be another result of the big wind. After all the pigeons always sat on the Town Hall roof and it got toppled in the storm.
.....Well the rumor that the Pigeon Days committee is getting a top rated star for the Pigeon Days parade still persists. Non of the committee has talked thus far. You know the committee, its been the same five people for ever, Eino Jupal from Eino and Toivo's Sorta Usd Cars, Esther Kivi from the Kivi and Maki variety store, Roger Stir from the All Hands Insurance Office, Tom Ellingsen the undertaker, and Mrs. Victoria Worsworth our school Superintendent. They absolutely refuse to either deny or confirm the rumor. But its a small town and you can't keep a secret forever. The ladies from the Lutheran Church, that make quilts to send to poor foreign countries, are making the repairs to the Pigeon Day's Banner. This is essential because there isn't enough money in the fund to pay for a new one, times are pretty tight in Pigeon Falls. There isn't even enough money to pay the usual prizes for the best whatever in the parade so the committee had to cut every prize in half. Of course non of the good citizens of Pigeon Falls cares about prize money, its the honor of winning that's important
…..Well its the fourth of July in Pigeon Falls and aside from the Methodist pasty sale not much is happening. Its not that the good citizens aren't patriotic, indeed they are, but that Pigeon Days takes up so much energy there is non left for other special events. Of course there are those fireworks that Eino (from Eino and Toivo's Sorta Usd Cars) bought. He took the train to the place where the Indians sell illegal fireworks legally and brought back all that he could carry. So firecrackers are going off everywhere and bottle rockets. The local constable pretends he doesn't see whets going on. The sheriff only comes to Pigeon Falls when its near election time. He knows our good citizens vote. But then there isn't much crime in Pigeon Falls .In fact the last big criminal act was when Tommy, the undertakers son, took Ester Kivi's car and drove it out to the cemetery. Since he was only ten Esther said to just forget it. Which is just as well since we would have to bring a judge in from the county seat. Tommy did get grounded for a week which made a lot of birds and squirrels happy. Speaking of the Methodist pasty sale it is a tradition started by the Odd Fellows when they had a lodge in Pigeon Falls ( most of them were Methodists) . They brought the pasty receipts all the way from Cornwall. That's in England. They make these cute little one hand pasties that are just perfect for picnics.
The big news in Pigeon Falls today is the upcoming wedding of Nancy Jupola , daughter of Eino Jupola, to Henry Johnson, head mechanic for the M&LC railroad (Moneypit & Lost Cash). Toivo had a limousine brought in by train for the occasion. Of course they don't really need a limo since its only two miles from the church to the Masonic Hall where the reception will be held. Uncle Toivo is some high order Mason and insisted it be held there and then of course Nancy was once a Job's Daughter's Queen. The reception will be catered by Grandma Moris (It was her or the cute little Methodist pasties) who has been catering weddings in Pigeon Falls forever. Everyone knows there will be ham and buns, some kind of beef, sticky spaghetti, Jell-O salads, and some of those wonderful little cakes that only grandma Moris makes. She used to have chicken as well but she says she is too old to chase them down, kill them, and go through all the trouble of removing the feathers. Music will be provided by the "Out of Harmony Six" a wonderful little group that Toivo is bringing in by train. I am sure you have heard of them. They had that big hit song " Chicken Soup Marriage" . The lyrics go something like : " Chicken soup marriage, chicken soup marriage, you'll never get sick if you have a chicken soup marriage."


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