Saturday, July 16, 2005

Saturday July 16

Saying for the day:Doesn't "expecting the unexpected" make the unexpected expected?
.......Peter Linna called Eino and asked if it would be possible to get his wife Lori there in time for the big celebration on Sunday. Eino called Dr. Fortress and Fortress still squirming because of yesterday's disconnect said he would add a passenger car to Sunday's milk run so she should get there in plenty of time. Eino tried to talk Peter into coming as well but Pete said his Dr. wants him to walk a lot so he can't spend that much time on the train. Everyone is excited as a new beauty shop is opening in town on Monday, its called Joanne's Beauty Shop. Her sign company made her sign to big for the front of the place so she had them put it on the roof. She is in the old school building but it is all repainted and looks very different. The town is happy because they haven't had a hairdresser since Elaine Stir retired, she operated out of her home and had no shop as such.
The Great and Exalted, High and Wonderful, Grand Pigeon is working on his usual float for the pigeon day parade. He has a big paper and plaster goldfinch , painted to look like a pigeon that he carries in the rumble seat of the old car he drags out of the barn for the parade. Buddy East, the real estate man has been Grand Pigeon for five years now. He heads up the Pigeonelle Lodge number 1. The Pigeonelle Lodge was the first group formed in Pigeon Falls and the first and only lodge to admit women as full members. Almost a quarter of Pigeon Falls belongs and it is great fun. Well I'll keep you informed as to what's happening in Pigeon Falls.
......Great night last night didn't get up till 6:30 this morning. Dawn called at seven and showed up at the door at 8. They brought rocks and took us out to breakfast. Betty and I finished the transformation of the old school into a beauty shop, finished the pigeon statue, finished the bird for the Grand Pigeon, and got a good start on the last track underlayment. Dawn keeps telling us our tunnel is leaning but I think it will hold up. In the afternoon we started on a stand for the deer alarm but we'll have to finish that tomorrow. The new Harry Potter book came it is huge. Betty and I went to the celebration of our Pastor's 25 year of ordination. It was a very Good service and the Bishop had a great sermon. At the dinner, afterward he surprised me with a retirement certificate .He said I should take it even though it was signed by two bishops. Coming home I processed the pictures I took of the service and dinner, upgraded the church's web page to include them and sent copies by E-mail to the church office. Now I have to go and take a breathing treatment.


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