Thursday, July 14, 2005

Thursday July 14

Saying for the Day:Yesterday's the past and tomorrow's the future. Today is a gift - which is why they call it the present.Bill Keane:
........The gray paint came, faster than expected considering the problems with the trains, and it was a day to work on the statue in Pigeon Falls. Three of the workers from the Slowvinsky Lumber and Hardware Company came up to Eino's garage to do the work. Of course the Slowvinsky Lumber and Hardware Company is not owned or run by the Slowvinsky's anymore. the last of the Slowvinsky's retired on 1996 and sold out his share in the company. The rumor in town is that it is now mostly owned by the M&LC railroad but nobody seems to know for sure. One thing you can be fairly sure of because this is a small town it will be Slowvinsky's forever and we will never see the M&CL Lumber and Hardware Company as the name. But none of that is important the three workers started in building a base for the statue. They decided on welded steel painted to look like cement. That way it won't get crushed if we get another big storm. They called in Betty Marvel, the Pastor's wife to paint the bluebird itself and when she finished darn if it didn't look like a pigeon. In any case it will fool the tourists and most of the local people.
On the round part of the base is the inscription "The Bird that Saved Pigeon Falls" and on eight square plates on the bottom the entire Pigeon Story is inscribed. Boy that was one of the hardest jobs. Now all that remains is to put all the parts together. I guess they'll do that tomorrow. Other than the Pigeon and the work out on the trestle the town has been fairly
quiet. The biggest thing is still trying to figure out what star with last initial M might lead the Pigeon Day parade. People are really working on Eino to give more information since he's the one who leaked the M. Well I'll keep you informed.
.......Very good last night. I started the day working in the garage. Betty joined me and she painted our bluebird gray, she did a good job, too. Then we decided that the piece of iron pipe we had tried to use to anchor the fountain would make a good base. So first we cleaned off the rust and then Betty painted it with rust proof paint. A coat of gray paint went over that,
Betty went to the LCW picnic and then to the Dr.'s Office. I came in and worked on creating the transfers for the statue, which includes the entire Pigeon Falls Pigeon story which I'll have to tell you sometime. When Betty came back from the Dr.'s we began mountain building again and used up all the rocks Dawn brought us and one can of foam. The mountain and the river system is looking good. We we'll send up a picture when its done. Well I need a breathing treatment.


Blogger Pennie said...

Hey you may need a scarecrow to keep the pigeons off the statue. Keep up the good work.

3:03 PM  
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