Friday, July 15, 2005

Friday July 15

Saying for the day:We must believe in luck. For how else can we explain the success of those we don't like?
........What a day in Pigeon Falls. The M&CL railroad got enough tourists to run their version of Thomas the Tank Engine from Rusty Creek to Pigeon Falls. That would have been a good thing but the trestle still isn't fixed and so the train had to come by way of the Crippled Creek Tunnel. Just before the tunnel the passenger cars disconnected and the engineer went merrily on without them. I guess his motto is "Never Look Back!". In any case when he stopped at Zach's Cabin in the woods where old man Stevenhill , dressed up in a woodsy outfit, sells a trinket or two , he discovered he had no passengers. He had to back up all the way to the Crippled Creek Tunnel. Those were some very unhappy tourists, I'll tell you. To make matters worth for M&CL one of the passengers was a tour director who was thinking of offering the Thomas the Tank rides as one of his packages. I guess M&CL can forget about that now. Dr. John Fortress, President of M&CL apologized personally to each passenger in an attempt to control the damage. This railroad becomes more like an airline every day.
The big pigeon statue is done. Every last word of the Pigeon Story is on the base but you have to go all the way around to read it. The town is planning a big celebration on Sunday in front of the bandstand . The Liar's Club 65 piece band will play and the statue will be dedicated by Mayor South. After much debate it was decided to ask Pastor Marvel to open the celebration with prayer and take their chances with the ACLU. The ladies from the Methodist Church will be selling pasties after the celebration but that doesn't violate any law. Everyone is hoping Mayor South won't read the entire Pigeon Story again. Well I'll keep you informed.
.......Very good night last night. Got going early this morning because we had a visitor coming to see the trains. So I had to do some wiring and test the trains I would run. well Thomas the Tank had the passenger cars disconnect at the tunnel. So we had to pull the cars. The mill wheel wouldn't turn so we had to pull the mill wheel. We finished the pigeon statue. The pigeon story is around the base in 5 point type but it can be read. The little boy and his mother came and I did the best I could but of course we had some sudden unexplained stops. The boy loved it in any case and his mother was very happy. After she left we started on the next wooden frame that will lead up to the trestle. We'll finish that tomorrow. Then Betty worked on our new beauty shop which used to be the old school. Its coming along very nicely. After all that we went grocery shopping $156 worth of groceries, and we don't eat like kings. But we do eat a lot of fruit. Well I need a breathing treatment.


Blogger Peter said...

Lori Linna, the photographer/artist, heard the rumor about the celebration of the pigeon statue and wants to know if the train will be ready to go so she can go to the festivities. She promises not to mention the wedding snafu and wants to buy pasties from the church women for her husband who had to get the 55 gallon drum of gray paint ready for shipping. He would go along but recently was told by his doctor to get a pedometer and walk 10,000 steps per day which he cannot get if he is riding on the train all day.

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