Monday, July 18, 2005

Monday July 18

Saying For the Day:If a word is misspelled in the dictionary, how would we ever know?
......Lots of trouble in Pigeon Falls today. First the state inspector, a Mrs. Morningsunrise Material, warned that the tunnel walls in the upper train tunnel at Crippled Creek looked like they might cave in and she wouldn't allow any trains to run through it. Mo, as she prefers to be called, also noted that the new trestle when its finished would be two feet too high. Now how do you lower a trestle two feet? What this means is at least another week where the trains would have to come in through the lower tunnel and thus fewer trains could run. We are nearing the big tourist season and people are begging to worry. President Fortress doubled the work crew up at the tunnel and said they will get it shored up and safe. Mrs. Wilson Mcmorison III, Pigeon Falls richest widow,
showed up in town wearing her newest high fashion purchase. I tell you it looked like she was wearing a flour sack and it sort of smelled like one too. Everyone, however, commented on how beautiful she looked and praised the new outfit. You have to remember she is the richest woman in town. Everywhere she went there were owes and was and she was really feeling very proud. She was walking down main street when a little boy began to laugh and laugh. She asked him why he was laughing and he said "Lady your the first person I ever saw wearing a flour sack for a dress but I like the smell. Other people then realized how silly they had been and they began to laugh too. When she came back to town in the afternoon she was wearing a very different outfit. The whole thing reminds me of some child's story but I can't remember the name of it.
Still no progress in guessing who the celebrity will be for the Pigeon Days Parade. But the committee is now almost certain that they will get the person. The apartment on the end of Wink's Woods has one wall that is collapsing and so they had to call in some carpenters. Of course Winks Woods is no longer run or even owned by Wink, Reginal Winkowski, who moved away a long time ago. I'm afraid the new owners haven't taken good care of the non store part of the building. Well I'll keep you informed as to what is happening in Pigeon Falls.
........I slept poorly again last night , I think its the high humidity. This morning I finished the book I Was reading, Betty's reading the new Harry Potter book. I worked in the garage and then Betty and I worked on shoring up the middle mountain where the bottom support was threatening to tilt over. We also used up over half the rocks Dawn brought. I go to see the Dr. tomorrow. In the afternoon Betty worked at finishing repainting the water tower and finished the beauty shop. I set up the new vegetable stand. Then a young man and his mother came and we stopped and ran the train for them. It was fun and it worked most of the time. Betty had to run the track cleaner over one corner and we had the train tip over once. But it was still fun. I e-mailed the baptism pictures Betty took to the church office and put them on the church website. Now I need a breathing treatment.


Blogger Pennie said...

So who will it be? Will it be Harrison Ford, R2D2 or maybe Harry Potter? I can't wait to find out who will be in the parade.


7:29 PM  
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