Thursday, July 21, 2005

Thursday July 21

Saying for the day: * Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.
......Mrs. Wilson Mcmorison III was really upset today. She got a letter from Fred Bubster claiming that he was a relative and was coming to visit her. She said that she had never heard of him and there were certainly no Bubsters in her family. In fact all the family is dead as far as she knows, she is the only surviving member. So , right away, she assumed that this Bubster was after her money. She took the letter to Pastor Marvel were she swore up and down that there had never been a Bubster in the family. No Bubster yesterday she said, no Bubster today, and there won't be one tomorrow. Pastor Marvel counseled her to take it easy as just maybe there was a family member she was not aware of. Perhaps a niece had married or a cousin and they married a Bubster. But Letti, not taking it easy, repeated that if anyone had married somebody with a name like Bubster she would have heard about it. Nothing Pastor Marvel said seemed to help so he offered to pray with her and that calmed her down a bit. After the prayer she went back home to wait the coming of the Bubster. But that won't be for a couple of weeks until then she and half the people of the town will have to speculate on who this Fred Bubster is.
Even Eino who seems to know everybody had no knowledge of any Bubsters.
Speaking of Pastor Marvel, Tommy, the undertaker's son, found an old comic book in which a young boy says the magic word shazam and becomes Captain Marvel. So Tommy has taken to calling Pastor Marvel Captain Marvel and when he sees him he asks him to say Shazam. Pastor Marvel seems to enjoy the whole thing. Some in the congregation are waiting for him to show up in the pulpit with cape and Captain Marvel suit. Its the sort of thing he might do. Well I'll keep you informed.
.....Had a fairly good nights sleep but got up at 5:00 so we could get Betty to the hospital by 8:00. Of course when we got there everything was changed as usual and Betty was the third patient in instead of the first. We didn't get out of the hospital until 1:00. I did finish reading the latest Harry Potter book. Betty's test showed no polyps which is very good news. I drove home from the hospital and had to sign a paper that I was driving and not Betty before they would let her out. Coming home there was E-mail from Bob and Sue Johnson giving some aid in finding a place in Green Bay and we are checking out both ideas. There was also an E-mail from Christine asking how to make comments on this blog. I tried to find some way for her to do that. Then I went and worked on the yellow brick road which won't get done until tomorrow. Betty slept most of the afternoon. I went around from the garage and picked up the mail since I still have trouble with stairs. Betty usually gets the mail. The men will be back tomorrow to work on the bathtub which is taking forever. I did some searching on the computer for rental units in Green Bay checking out the website Bob and Sue sent. It does look like a possibility but Betty and I have to decide if we really want to do this before we contact the owner. Well I need a breathing treatment


Blogger Pennie said...

Your back in the saddle again. I am glad to hear that things went okay with the test. I am also glad to hear that soon you will have a bathtub back. Take Care


4:21 PM  
Blogger Bubbster said...

I am the "Bubbster" I also am happy to hear tests went okay. Be blessed :-))

12:50 PM  
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