Saturday, July 23, 2005

Saturday July 23

Saying for the day:Not what we have But what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance. John Petit
...... It rained in Pigeon Falls today, a real soaker, and everyone is overjoyed. It has been dry for so long that yards were drying up and people's beautiful flower gardens were dying. The Town Council had put a ban on all watering and asked people to go easy on other water use like baths. Its bad enough that we won't be able to smell the flowers but if the good citizens don't take baths what we will be smelling won't be pretty. During the ban some of the people had gone out to their cottage on a lake and brought back a barrel or two of lake water to use for their gardens. People here are resourceful. But now all that may be over as the rain continues. One suspects there may be more people than usual in Pigeon Falls churches tomorrow as they give thanks for prayers answered.
Some of Pigeon Falls good citizens took the excursion train to the big city of Iron Mountain. Along with shopping that got to eat at the Great Northern Buffet. When they returned Tom South, the Mayor's husband wondered why we couldn't have something like that in Pigeon Falls. The South's are relatively new to the area and didn't know that fifteen years or so ago someone did try a buffet style restaurant with all you could eat for one price. Well those farmers went in at noon and didn't quit eating till six. The restaurant only lasted a couple of months before they gave up and closed down. Hard work makes for a tremendous appetite. Well I'll keep you informed as to what's happening in Pigeon Falls.
...... Bad night last night. Tried a new mask and it will be back to the big one tonight. In the morning, after the breathing treatment we created a stick on membership card for my engineers hat. It shows I am a member of Large Scale Online. Then we worked at putting up rocks. well Betty put up rocks and I painted some that were already there after moving the track out of the way. In the afternoon it started to rain so Betty went back to painting the house for the Railway. First she took the furniture out of it to give to Bree. I worked on the street lamps but Betty didn't like the design so I started over . Two designs later she was happy. In the meantime I stabbed myself with a screwdriver while using it to pry a piece of wood loose. Never use tools for other than their intended purpose. Betty and I went to the Saturday night service and Pastor Eric Ackerman preached. He also lead the singing with his guitar. It was a great service and I felt refreshed when I came out. Then we went grocery shopping. Shopping does not refresh me but it needs to be done. Well I need a breathing treatment.


Blogger Pennie said...

Hello, Could pigeon falls hold a shopping mall with a Family Buffet? There is this contractor from the big city of big winds. He is looking for a small town to set up shop(take over for evil doings) oh did I say that out loud. I have a coupon for 10 dollars off each ticket at Six Flags.


8:54 PM  
Blogger Sister Chris said...

Hi there! Also, if you visit Lake County Illionois Website ( you can print out a coupon for up to four people for $7.00 off each ticket. But, when we net Dawn up here we forgot the coupons in the car, but lucked out anyway, as someone in front of us left their extra coupons for $8.00 off at the ticket window, so we used those. But $10.00 off is hard to beat!! See you all next Sunday. (What time are we meeting? And where?)

2:43 PM  
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