Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Wednesday July 27

Saying for the day:If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door.Milton Berle
.....Well people are still rejoicing over the return of the pigeons. You can't have Pigeon Days without pigeons anymore than you can have a Bass Festival without bass or a Fungus Fest without fungus. Vicki East, daughter of Esther Kivi and daughter-in-law of Buddy East has written a song that she is going to sing just before the Pigeon Days Parade, that's if the loud speaker system works. The song is entitled "Pigeons Return" and goes as follows:
When the Pigeons return to Pigeon falls- coo coo coo
And we hear them cooing in the wood-coo coo coo
Then the trains will run on time-coo coo coo
Things will be the way they should-coo coo coo
When the Pigeons return to Pigeon Falls-coo coo coo
And we hear them cooing in the wood-coo coo coo
People will be singing in the streets-coo coo coo
And all the crops will grow so good- coo coo coo
When the pigeons return to Pigeon Falls- coo coo coo
Then love again will fill the land- coo coo coo
With pigeons cooing in the wood- coo coo coo
We will all walk hand in hand.- coo coo coo
This is sung to the tune of almost anything if you push it a little. Well it won't hit number one on the hit parade but I guarantee it will be a hit at the Pigeon Days parade. Well I'll keep you informed as to what's happening in Pigeon Falls
........I had a good night last night, slept without oxygen for the first time in a long time. Had a bath in the new tub with the whirlpool before I went to bed and that was very relaxing. I played around with the new printer and made Betty some 4x6's of Bree and one of me in the new tub but its not x-rated. Then I went and began to put together the figures we will use for the Pigeon Day Parade on the Garden Railroad. We went to Iron River and ate at Mr.T's. Then we went to Synder's to get a prescription filled. We got a new soap dish from Pamadia, a hat for Bree at the dollar store and came home. Betty and Bree went to the beach and I stayed home and painted rocks to look like a mountain. Then I continued searching for short term furnished housing in Green Bay. Bree is such a joy and has such an imagination she helped write the Pigeon Falls song. She added the Coo Coo Coos and helped with the rest of it. Well Betty and Bree are back and they had a good time at the beach. They did a lot of swimming. We discussed the coming trip and felt that it would be best if Peter took his van. Pennie really does need to rest that foot, and I really do need a breathing treatment.


Blogger Peter said...

Nice song.

Good see that your enjoying your time with Breanna.

10:22 PM  
Blogger Peter said...

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12:13 PM  
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