Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Tuesday Aug 2

Saying for the Day: * Resentments are like stray cats: if you don't feed them, they'll go away.
------Today was the big pasty eating contest in Pigeon Falls and the Methodist ladies turned out bright and early to make the pasties. There were 100 entries, lots of tourists tried to see how far they could stretch their stomach .After the first hour four hundred pasties had been eaten and we were down to 50 contestants and some of them looked a little green. Now these were not your little hand held bite size pasties! No, these were full plate belly busters and how anyone could eat more than two is a mystery with no solution. After the next half hour we had ten contestants left and five of them looked pretty sickly. At the end of two hours there were two contestants left, Jon Bergal , a local farmer, and Joseph Horning, a pesky tourist. Both had eaten ten pasties. They each ate two more and Jon threw in the towel. Joseph ate one more just to show he was the king and from the looks of him he could have eaten another two or three. This is the first time a tourist has won the pasty eating contest and the locals vowed to do better next year. Jon said he probably shouldn't of had that big breakfast before coming to the contest.
In other local news, Mo struck again. She noticed there was nothing to stop the train from running off the end of the siding behind Wink's Woods and she threatened to close it down and issue a citation if something wasn't done quickly about it. Poor Dr. Fortress doesn't have enough problems with the upper tunnel still closed but he said he would take care of it So Mo stayed to see that it was done and helped the Methodist ladies make pasties. Well I'll keep you informed.
------ Very Good night last night. Had a relaxing bath and slept in my own bed. Today we started testing the running of trains and it was hot. A nice young man on a bicycle stopped and we talked trains for a bit. We had lots of derailments and disconnects but Betty and her little shovel fixed a lot of track and by days end they were running well. WE even filled a milk car, which kept derailing, with water to give it more weight and that worked well. Dawn called and invited us to meet her in Sagola for super. We went and were surprised that Kevin and family drove over from Norway. It was a nice get together. We brought the pictures from our trip and shared them. Came home and put all the trains away. Found a nice item on the net and mailed it to all my kids and Chris. well I need a breathing treatment.


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