Thursday, August 04, 2005

Thursday August 4

Saying for the Day: * The things that come to those who wait, may be the things left by those who got there first.
-----The Liar's Club contest continued today but the stories were so bad that nobody got over a six, or else they just had a tough bunch of tourist judges. In any case I won't share any of today's stories with you. Art on the Yellow Brick Road continues today and there is some really wild art. Some friend of Eino, I think he runs a junk yard for a living, has welded all kinds of odd things together and is charging a good price for them. His creation called yesterday and today had a part of an old Ford radiator welded to a new Ford tailpipe for this he wants $200. This is not art the way I remember it but tourists are buying and saying they got a bargain. Of course there are regular artists with pictures that you can understand. My favorite was a painting of a child in a high chair with a bowl of spaghetti on his head. It was entitled "Smile". Tom Hautamaki was back with his tree carving . He had eagles and bears and I think a deer. All of them were carved from tree trunks, very impressive, very expensive. He was selling them for $500 to $600 apiece and they were selling. I don't think he'll have any left by Saturday. I prefer a $500 bear to a $200 radiator part but I'm not buying either one. I just might buy the kid and the spaghetti. I'll keep you informed.
-----Very good night last night following my long relaxing bath. This morning I worked at cleaning up the garage and putting things away, a job never done. I also canceled my subscription and called about our Disney Card. Then Betty's sister Susan came and we showed her and Bob the train layout. Ran a couple of trains for them. Then Betty showed off the new bathtub. Bob said it gave him some ideas. We went to lunch with Bob and Sue at Fob's. Afterward they went golfing and we came home. In the afternoon I changed the couplers on the Thomas the Tank Engine and cars to hook and loop to end the disconnects. We then took it out to the track to test it and no disconnects. We did have some derailments. We ended the afternoon by running the new Lionel engine. What a beauty . I'll take a picture of it tomorrow and post it on the blog. Well I need a breathing treatment.


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I am looking forwrd to seeing the Lionel train myself. - Lori

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