Friday, August 05, 2005

Friday August 5

Saying for the Day:"The center of human nature is rooted in ten thousand ordinary acts of kindness that define our days.":Stephen Jay Gould
-----Donna Bergal, Jon's wife, was the first story teller today in the Liar's Club contest. This is her story:" I suppose you have all seen a bear or two in your life and most of you I hope have eaten a pasty. If you haven't eaten a pasty the Methodist ladies are selling them in front of the Methodist Church all day today. If you haven't seen a bear stay around for a while and you will. Well this story is about bears and pasties or to be more exact about one bear and pasties. It all begins two or three years ago early one morning in the spring. I heard this noise on my back porch and I looked out the window and saw a big black bear looking very hungry. I looked around for something to feed him because I didn't want him to eat the chickens or start on a cow. The only thing I could find was one of those extra big pasties that I was planning to have for supper. So I opened the door very carefully and put it down on the porch, then retreated inside. Sure enough he lumbered over and gulped down that pasty and then much to my surprise he seemed satisfied and wondered off into the woods. I figured he'd have one bear size belly ache and wouldn't come back again. I was wrong the next morning he was back on the porch and I gave him the last pasty from the refrigerator. That day I made some pasties for the Methodist ladies pasty sale, did I tell you that was today? They were sitting on my table the next morning as I hadn't had a chance to take them to the church. So when the bear showed up I gave him one of those. That afternoon I went down to Lundny's pasty shop and bought two cartons of pasty seconds. These didn't look so good but I figured the bear wouldn't care. Every day after that the bear was at my door for his breakfast pasty. One day I was late getting up and I heard this knocking on my back door. I looked out the window and there was the bear standing on two legs and knocking. Well I hurried and gave him his pasty for the day before he wrecked my door. Well this went on until it was almost winter and then he stopped coming. I never saw him again. I like to think that the DNR captured him in one of those big cages and moved him to the National Park where he is telling the other bears about the wonders of pasties. Now if you don't believe this story I have a picture in my wallet of the bear knocking on my back door and your welcome to see it." Well Donna got four 10's and one 9. She moves on to the next round where she'll meet her husband in head to head competition. Well I'll keep you informed.
------Had a hard time getting to sleep last night everything ached or itched. Once I fell asleep it was a good night. The large breathing mask is a real joy. In the morning Betty sterilized some of my breathing equipment while I put together a shelf for the trains in the garage. Betty brought up the Aristo Engine from the basement. We then took it out to the track to run it and it wouldn't go. I looked all over for an off and on switch but there didn't seem to be any. Then Betty read the book that came with it. The switch was hidden as part of the boiler. Once the switch was thrown it ran well. In the afternoon we began having trouble with it as the tracks had a lot of dirty spots. We then ran the Lionel for awhile. Betty wanted to run the circus cars but the one with lion cages on it got stuck in the tunnel. Soon the Lionel was having trouble on the dirty track as well. So we gave up put them way and came in. Then we went grocery shopping. When we came back Betty did some housework and I made a birthday card for Betsy Hill. She is part of Betty's birthday club. I put the pictures from the family trip on the web under family pictures. That's at . Well I need a breathing treatment.


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