Saturday, August 06, 2005

Saturday August 6

Saying for the Day:"Wise sayings often fall on barren ground; but a kind word is never thrown away."Sir Arthur Helps
-----It was a busy day in Pigeon Falls , people were rehearsing for the local variety show coming up on Monday. Mayor South and her husband were working on an Abbot and Costello routine about baseball. Angela kept forgetting the punch lines which did not seem to please her husband. I think he is sorry they ever volunteered for the show. Toivo and Eino are going to sing the same song they sing every year, Tuna Casserole, which they got from the Garrison Keillor program on PBS. They sound like two alley cats with their tails tied together but the song carries the day. Tommy the undertaker's son, is going to do a tap dance, though his father asked him not to. you could hear the sound of his taps coming from the funeral home. Esther Kivi and her daughter Vicki are dressing up in 1800's costumes and singing some old time songs. It was good to hear them rehearsing. Rachel, the church organist at Last Lutheran Church is going to play some traditional church music on the theater organ for a sing along. It is shaping up to be a great program and I don't think anybody will be disappointed. Of course while all this rehearsing was going on Art on the Yellow Brick Road continued. Eino's friend sold all of his metal creations and has left. I don't understand why anybody bought them but I guess I don't understand art. The painting with the kid and the spaghetti got sold before I could buy it. Well I'll keep you informed.
-----Good night last night but Betty turned the air conditioner on and I woke up chilled. In the morning I continued to clean the garage while Betty painted a mountain. The garage is beginning to shape up, another ten years and it will be done. We ran the old track cleaner but it didn't seem to do much good. In the afternoon we watched the model train program on PBS. I went on the web and read Andrew Greely's homily for this week. I sent a copy to the Bishop. I went and took pictures of the layout and added them to www.familylinna .com. Then we went to Church. We went early so Betty could take pictures of the flower garden. Jack preached and it was an excellent sermon filled with the Good News. I am really glad I can get out to church now. After church we went to the grocery store and got some things to make a pie with the blueberries Dawn gave us. She gave so many we made blueberry pancakes for breakfast. Betty is cooking the pie as I write this blog. I loaded her pictures into the computer and tomorrow I will add them to United's web page . Well I need a breathing treatment.


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