Thursday, August 11, 2005

Thursday August 11

Saying for the day:Swallow pride/it's non fattening.
----The variety show , last night, was as good as everyone had come to expect with just a few surprises. Mayor South's husband forgot one of his lines and turned beet red. After all the chiding he did of Angela he will never live this down. She won't let him. Vicki added a new verse to her Pigeons Return song and the audience loved it. They joined in the coo coo coos with real gusto. All in all it was a grand finish to this years variety show. Tonight they decided on the Pigeon Queen we'll let you know how that comes out. The Liar's Club story telling contest resumed today with ten judges instead of five. The first one of the three finalists , order drawn by lot, was Tom Ellingsen, Tommy's father. This is his story entitled , "He sang him to life". " It was many years ago when my friend Tom Kirpatrick had a massive heart attack and was taken to the big hospital in Marquatte, that was when Marquette had two hospitals, For several days he hovered between life and death and then it looked like death was going to win. The hospital called his children and told them their father was dying and if they wanted to see Tom one last time they should come immediately. His three sons, and two daughters were there within the next five hours. They sat in the room and Amanda, his youngest daughter held his hand . He opened his eyes and in a terribly week voice he said, " Could you sing for me one last time?" So the five children joined together and sang the song the verses of which contain" But it stopped short Never to go again, When the old man died" . The nurses were aghast at the singing of such a song to a dying man but then something truly strange happened. Tom's face began to glow as his color returned and he began to move from death to life. With each verse you could see he was gaining strength and by the end of the song he looked and acted like a new man. It was a first class miracle. It seems they sang him from death to life . Now if you don't believe this story you can find it written up in a back issue of the Marquette Mining Journal."
Tom, the undertaker got 5 10's, 4 9's and an 8 for a final score of 9.4. A tough score to shoot at for Donna Bergal who goes tomorrow. I'll keep you informed.
------ Very good night last night. This morning I took the remote control for the train apart and tested the batteries. they were fine. When I put them back and tested it, it worked fine. I replaced the insulators on the temporary track on the far end. Then Betty put the track back together , no easy job. Where is Elijah when we need him?. After that we went back to work on the gas station and by the end of the day it only needed the siding to finish it. Before quitting for the day we put our new road in place and Betty placed the houses next to it. We finished up Betty's blueberry pie but Dawn called and said she had some more blue berries for us and we can get them tomorrow when we go to the Suomi Conference meeting in Marquette. Well I need a breathing treatment.


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