Monday, August 08, 2005

Monday August 8

Saying for the day:Life is to short / to miss today
------Well they had the last round of story telling today and three of the four were eliminated. Tom Ellingsen, the undertaker, made it into the last round with a story he called "The Man who wouldn't stay dead ."Here is the story:" It was some years ago now when the phone rang and the
hospital called me to pick up the body of Thomas Allwater who had died just a few minutes earlier. So I got the hearse out and drove to the hospital and picked up the body. No sooner than I had him in the prep-room than he sat up on the table and asked where he was. Well I don't know who was more surprised ,him or me. I called the hospital and had them send an ambulance. They came , picked up Thomas and took him back to the hospital. The next day they called and told me he had died again and would I come and get him. They assured me that this time two doctors had pronounced him dead. Well back I went. They loaded the body in the hearse and I headed for the funeral home. A few miles from the hospital I hit one of those potholes that we are famous for and Thomas sat up and again asked where he was. well I turned right around and took him back to the hospital where they put him back in the same room. This went on for six days. I would pick him up, somewhere along the drive he would sit up and I would take him back to the hospital. Finally I suggested to the hospital they send him to one of those big city hospitals. So they sent him by train to Rochester and the Mayo Clinic. As far as I know he is still alive. Now if you don't believe me you can go out to the cemetery where you will find a stone for Thomas Allwater with the death date chiseled off." For the story he got one 10, three 9's and an 8. So he will meet Jon and Donna Bergal in the final round .I'll keep you informed.
-----Fairly good night last night. In the morning I worked on a new roadway for the layout and Betty painted the poles that hold the layout together. She used a spray painter and it went fast. I ran out of patching cement filler for the road and she ran out of paint so we went down to Slivensky's hardware, She got some paint but they had no patching filler. When we came back we decided it was too hot to go on so we took the sprayer apart and cleaned it,
Betty went to the Church for a meeting. I worked on the computer, searching for information on hearing aids. I also added some new links to the blog. Well I need a breathing treatment.


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Lori says...I saw the slide show on the web page about the Great America/Train show and it looked pretty good. There are no pictures of Betty! I suppose someone had to take the pictures.

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