Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Tuesday August 9

Saying for the day:. Coincidence is God's work - when He chooses to remain anonymous.
-----Well last night was the big variety show. It was the best Pigeon Falls has produced in twenty years of variety shows. I know because everyone said so. Esther and Vicki sang old time songs and if there was a dry eye in the place when they finished I couldn't find it. After their old time songs Vicki sang the Pigeons Return Song, When the pigeons return to pigeon falls, and got everyone to sing the coo, coo, coos. You would have thought the place was full of pigeons. Mayor South got all of her lines right and on time and her husband was much relieved. It was a very funny piece. People really sang the old time hymns with Rachel playing the organ and using songs provided by Last Lutheran Church. The act that stole the show was Toivo and Eino's rendition of "Tuna Casserole" .Eino came on wearing a dress and a bonnet and acted out calling people to super. Then Eino brought in big casserole with chips on top. At the close they put on angel wings and halos as they mimicked going to heaven. It was wonderfully done and their singing was even better than usual. Tommy, the undertaker's kid did his tap routine which was enjoyable but a little frightening because he carried a slingshot and kept pretending he was going to shoot it even as he tapped. There were other numbers , of course, but all in all it was $2.00 well spent. Today was a quiet day in Pigeon Falls and it rained. Well I'll keep you informed.
------Had a very good night last night possibly because I took a hot bath just before going to bed. Today I spent a lot of time on the computer as there was a huge storm in the morning.
It ended just about the time Dawn and Paul came with rocks for the railroad. We went to lunch at Fob's with them. Then we went to Iron River to get some patching cement only to find the bigAce hardware closed but the little hardware store in the mall had a tube of patching cement which I bought to finish the road. It worked well . I think. The storm took down the light pole on the model railroad but didn't seem to damage anything else. Betty spent the afternoon building a cute little house from a kit we bought at the train show. I went looking through the E-Bay G scale stuff and marveled that people are willing to pay much more than if they bought from a merchant. Like I bought seven seated people made by USA trains for $7.00, on E-Bay the same seven people were up to $30 and the bidding hadn't ended yet. I guess there are people who don't check around. Betty is playing her new Nancy Drew computer game in which she gets really involved. Last night she didn't get to bed until after 12:00. Well I need a breathing treatment so she'll have to quit for a little while.


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