Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Wednesday August 10

Saying for the day:When one door closes, another one opens. It's the dark hallways that scare us.
----- Last night there was a big storm in Pigeon Falls and it knocked down one of the town's two lights and took out electricity to the entire town and surrounding houses. Within an hour and with the storm still raging our town's two electrical people had the power back on. I asked why they felt that had to go so fast and Tom Wignins, head electrician, said " You have obviously never faced an angry old lady who doesn't want to miss her favorite TV program". Today they got the street light back up. It was a quiet day today except for the non-campaigning of the Pigeon Queen candidates. By tradition one does not try to get selected Pigeon Queen but you couldn't tell that from the actions of the candidates. Amelia Jupola, Toivo's sixteen year old daughter was going around being extra nice to everyone, not her usual behavior. Francis South, Mayor South's sixteen year old daughter, was crying on people's shoulders about how hard it was growing up as the daughter of the Mayor. Stephanie Stir, Roger Stir's sixteen year old daughter, was calling up all her Job daughters friends and suggesting they put in a good word for her with the judges. They were all doing a good job of not campaigning. Of course the judges tomorrow could pick someone else entirely but these three think they have the inside track because of who their parents are.
Some runners have shown up early for the big race on Saturday. the original announcement had the date off by one day but it is Saturday. The Variety show was even better last night and you can't get a ticket for tonight. The place is sold out. Some people are going back to see it for a third time. Well I'll keep you informed.
-----Had a good night last night. This morning I got an early start at running trains and everything looked like it was going to work fine. Had one visitor in the morning and he enjoyed the trains and was impressed with the layout. Nobody came in the afternoon. Betty went to Tops. It was good that nobody came in the afternoon because everything went wrong. The hand control could no longer stop the train and we don't know why. I will have to open it and check the battery when I get a chance. Betty came home and we painted the new road to look like a dirt road. Then we put our new houses on the layout but left final positioning until the new road is in place. Betty glued the atreet light back in place. Then we started on the gas station that we bought material and directions for at the Garden Railroad Convention. We hope to finish it tomorrow. Betty brought home a disturbing article on aspartame and I think I will quit drinking Diet Soda. Well I need a breathing treatment.


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