Thursday, August 18, 2005

Thursday August 18

Saying for the Day: "The smallest good deed is better than the grandest good intention. Duguet
-------It rained all day today in Pigeon Falls. People dressed in old time clothes are not as enjoyable when they are soaking wet and even less enjoyable if you are soaking wet as well. Wink's Woods and the Fly Inn restaurant, bar and hotel were full of tourists getting out of the rain. M&CL railroad had to pull its open passenger cars and scrounge for some extra covered ones. They ended up using the passenger cars from the Thomas the Tank specialty train. Rain sure does complicate things. Mayor South is hoping there will be no rain on Saturday when the big Pigeon Day Parade is set to take place. She said that we wouldn't want Rodeny McDonald to get his clown suit soaking wet. Speaking of Rodney, McDonald's is sending a special railroad car in with him. People are saying that it will contain some things for Rodney to give away in the parade. Well have to wait until Saturday to find out. Coming with Rodney will be two fellow clowns and the Sesame Street Band. The committee has also arranged for a Scottish bagpipe player so it should be quiet a parade. Potato farmers have started bringing in their best potatoes for next weeks judging which will name the farmer of the year. There are four entries already. The first was from the Melvin Jamson farm. Melvin won last year and is looking to repeat. Well I'll keep you informed.
------ Good night last night. Betty got up early to cook for a funeral. She left at 9:00 for the church and worked until 3:00. I put metal wheels on more cars. The new Aristo engine had a disconnect and then went so fast it fell off of the curve , too far in for me to reach it. I had to wait until Betty came home and by then it was raining cats and dogs. She finally went and got the engine during a break in the rain. She was really tired from standing all morning at the funeral coffee. I painted the base to glue the figures to for the parade. Then I tried to find a fix for my computer problem with no luck. Pretty dull life isn't it? Oh! Nancy Drew finally sewed that dress correctly. Well I need a breathing treatment


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