Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Tuesday August 14

Saying for the day:The trouble with most of us is that we would rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism.Norman Vincent Peale
------Old time week continues in Pigeon Falls with many of the residents wearing clothes from 100 years ago. It is a wonderful sight to walk down main street and feel like you have been transported back to 1905. Periwinkle over at Periwinkle Gas is wearing and old English costume and asking customers if they would like a spot of gas. He may look like 100 years ago but his gas prices are the prices of today. Mayor South has been asking tourists what they think of our pigeon statue. Mostly she has been getting very nice comments but one family from Green Bay gave her some surprising answers. The mother said "I would never have it in my yard. It is far too gaudy "The daughter said " I suppose you could climb on it but that would tire you out." But the comment that really broke Mayor South up was from the four year old son, Luke, who said " I don't like it there is too much pigeon poop on it". One does wonder why the pigeons seem to target the statue erected in their honor. Mayor South reminded everyone that tomorrow is the traditional spouse carrying contest and they should get their entries in. It seems only five couples have registered and there are usually twenty or so. I guess in this age its every person for themselves and nobody wants to carry their spouse anymore. I could be wrong. I'll keep you informed.
------Good night last night until 4:30 in the morning when I got a leg cramp. I started out making a base for the gas station while Betty painted a new house she is finishing. Then Betty painted the base and I started on the new light poles for the town. In the middle of that my battery operated drill ran out of power so I set it to recharge . Betty painted the tops of the poles that hold up the garden railroad and that took all afternoon. I ran trains and changed some plastic wheels for metal ones. We don't run plastic wheels anymore because they leave a residue. The trains ran almost without incident. I added a few passengers to our open air passenger car and glued them down so they won't fall out. It was an enjoyable day. We are still trying to decide what to do In January. We found and extended stay motel in Appleton with a microwave and a refrigerator for $40 a night. That would leave us free to stay in Madison for a couple of weeks as well. Well I need a breathing treatment.



Blogger Peter said...

Dr. Luke says to eat bananas to get rid of leg cramps!

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