Monday, August 15, 2005

Monday August 14

Saying for the day:You can tell a lot about a fellow's character by his way of eating jelly beans. Ronald Reagan:
------It looked a bit like Little House on the Prairie in Pigeon Falls, today, as Old Time Week began. I don't know where they find all those old clothes . Even Pastor Marvel was wearing tabs instead of a clerical collar, wow. Well Jon Bergal had his chance today. He told this story in the Liar's Club contest, entitled, "When the Space Ship landed". " It was some years ago, before our kids were born, when I was out working in the garden. Suddenly this large saucer shaped craft landed in my hayfield ,behind the barn. Out of it came two beings. They looked sort of like people except their skin had a deep purplish tone and they had four arms. As they came toward me I could see they were carrying some kind of machine which I discovered translated from our language into theirs and from their language into ours. They told me they had come to find out about earth people. Well I welcomed them and told them that people in Pigeon Falls were downright friendly . I invited them in for supper. Donna had just mad some pasties and I explained to them that this was a popular local food. Each one of them ate two and a couple of cans of pop, Pepsi as I remember. The next thing that happened is they became violently ill. Apparently pasties don't fit well into their digest system. Well you have never seen anything as horrible as two purple beings turning green. They pushed a button on the belt of one of them and two others came from the ship and helped them back. I kept saying, over and over, how sorry I was but they were too busy being sick to listen to me. The door on the saucer shut and I never saw them again. Now if you don't believe me you can look in the back issues of "Pigeon Food" our weekly newspaper and you'll find that at the time of this story there were many sightings of UFOs. For this story John got eight 10s and two nines. This gave him a score of 9.8 and he becomes the Liar's Club Champion. He gets a T-shirt that says "Boy can I lie". I'll keep you informed.
------Bad night last night , lots of leg cramps and I woke up every two hours. The belt on the mask hurt my head. In the morning I worked on the computer and ordered some metal wheels for the trains. Betty worked in the garage on the gas station which by the end of the day was almost finished. In the afternoon I ran trains and repaired track. I am getting better at preventing disconnects. In the evening I did a scan of the computer and found one virus. Betty was back to playing Nancy Drew. Well I need a breathing treatment.


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