Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Wednesday August 17

Saying for the day:"Power is the ability to do good things for others.":Brooke Astor
------The big spouse carrying race was held today on the main street of Pigeon Falls. They set up an obstacle course consisting of four children's wadding pools, two filled with water and two with mud. Two small hay bales they had to step over, six tires, and in the middle a ladder that went over a temporary wall and a ladder coming down the other side. You had to climb up one side carrying your spouse and down the other. They put air mattress on the sides in case somebody dropped a spouse and sure enough some did. There were twenty five couples entered. Which seems to say that I was wrong when I said people aren't willing to carry their spouse anymore. Toivo Jupola and his wife Sarah ran up to the first pool when Toivo tripped and dropped her into the pool. She was so mad she screamed at him that he did that on purpose and pushed him into the pool. They quit the run and went away laughing. The crowd which lined the sidewalk enjoyed the entire incident and clapped for them. But they didn't finish the race so they get no sweatshirt. The winner of this years race was Amelia Ann Heronbill who carried her husband around the course in a record time of ten minutes and thirteen seconds. She is the first women to win in the fifteen years of the race. She receives the T shirt that says "I carried my husband to the end" and sixteen frozen pasties. I hope they don't thaw on the train. Amelia by the way had muscles enough to be on All Star Wrestling and had a puny little husband. Pigeon Falls is the only place that runs this race that lets either spouse do the carrying. Well I'll keep you informed.
----- Good night last night. Every morning I spend and hour or so on the computer looking at my E-mail and checking my blog for comments as well as checking my children's blogs. This morning Betty decided to use the hour she has to wait after her morning pill to play Nancy Drew. She is the point in the game when she has to sew a dress. All I heard over and over this morning was "That's not good enough !Do it over. or " Would I wear that? No! . What happened to quiet PC games, where you had to read everything. After breakfast Betty went to Tops and I ran trains. I also finished two more street lights for the town. When Betty came home she glued the gas station to its base and gave it a clear coat of paint to protect it. She also clear coated the street lights. I ran trains. I had three visitors. My metal wheels came and I have four more cars I can use on the layout after I replaced the plastic wheels with metal ones. I had trouble with the computer so this blog is a little later than usual and Betty is back to playing Nancy Drew. I need a breathing treatment.


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Wow lot of glueing and painting going on in this town. I am glad the trains are working. Thank you for the gift I got today.


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