Saturday, August 20, 2005

Friday August 19

:Saying for the day: Sometimes one must backup to go forward.
------ Rodney McDonald came in today on a special train with a big McDonald's freight car towed behind. People are wondering what's in that car. I'd bet that the costumes for the clowns and the Sesame street band are at least part of the load. It is parked at the loading dock behind Wink's Woods. They caught Tommy, the undertaker's son, trying to sneak a peek inside twice. He might just make it yet. The big thing in Pigeon Falls today wasn't in Pigeon Falls it was over at Crippled Creek. They ran a special train out for the big fishing contest. There were people along the river all the way up to the Red Roof Cafe and beyond. The person with the longest fish and the person with the heaviest fish each got a $25 Savings Bond. Several people fell in and had to be fished out. Tommy, the well you know the rest, pulled one out and wanted credit for the heaviest catch of the day but the judges said it had to be a fish. Toivo Jupola , who knows that river like the back of his hand, caught the heaviest fish. A tourist named Henery Aukee caught the longest. It was a fun filled day for all. Preparations continued for the big parade tomorrow. I'll keep you informed.
---- Good night last night. In the morning I worked on fixing the computer and caused new problems, several of my favorite programs won't run. Betty and I added a gas pump and tires to the station and set up the figures for the parade. Then we went to Sagola to meet Dawn and Paul and Kevin and his family for lunch at the cafe. It was three days after Kevin's birthday and we celebrated it. Dawn wrote a song and two of Todd's kids sang it. Kevin was embarrassed. From Sagola we went shopping in Iron Mountain and spent too much. Coming home I discovered my new hearing aid had come. It is nice to be able to understand what Betty is saying and not have to keep saying Huh. My computer is still not back to normal but its getting better, I need a breathing treatment.


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