Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Wednesday August 24

Saying for the day:"I still say a church steeple with a lightening rod on top shows a lack of confidence."- Doug McLeod
-------Moe left today after having announced that everything including the Crippled Creek upper tunnel was passable. She'll be back in a month to check everything again. The ladies at the Methodist Church will sure miss her pasty making talent and her pie making as well. The blueberry pie she made for the big celebration was one of the best they had for sale. Pastor Marvel is going on vacation this weekend and Jack, from Jack's Sauna, will cover for him at all the services. Jack is a pretty good lay preacher and has a loud strong voice. It was such a nice day in Pigeon Falls that a good number of people went visiting. This always results in a barrage of rumors that quickly spread across the town. The latest rumor is that one of the animals Rodney gave away was bought by a collector for $300. Because of the rumor some of Pigeon Falls good people have taken the little animal away from their children and placed them in plastic bags to keep them clean. Geo Maki said he was going to do that with the one that they brought home but the dog wouldn't give it up. The dog thinks it belongs to him. Geo says that with his luck that would be the one worth $300 and by the time the dog finishes with it maybe $.10. Geo isn't unhappy though because he loves that dog and its really enjoying it. Geo never was one to take things too seriously. Our two mysteries continue and you can add to them a missing cat. Mrs. Wilson Mcmorison III's cat has disappeared. She has offered a $10 reward for anyone that finds it and brings it back. The same fellow who suggested the Bubster took the sign now is saying the Bubster took the cat. I hope he is still joking. Well I'll keep you informed
-----Good night last night only two interrupts to sleeping. In the morning I went out and got the trains running . There was a little trouble at first but then they settled in and ran very well. Betty went to Tops and while she was gone I put another shelf in the garage, and continued to clean up as well as keep an eye on the trains. When she came home we built the little boxcar. I designed it and Betty put it together and painted it. We will finish it tomorrow. My Kodak software is not working and I had to find another way to download the pictures from the camera. I finally downloaded through the printer which has a card slot. I can't find the Kodak installation disk. I am still trying to find a copy of Publisher 98 so I can update our web pages. Someday I will learn to put things where they can be found. Well I need a breathing treatment.


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