Thursday, August 25, 2005

Thursday August 25

Saying for the day:A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked. Bernard Meltzer
-------It was a wild day in Pigeon Falls today as two drunken Moose came staggering through town. They knocked people down, scratched cars and broke a window at Wink's Woods. People rushed to get out of the way and then followed after them to see what would happen. At the edge of town they stopped and staggered back in again. Now all the people who had been following were rushing again to get out of the way. The moose finally collapsed in front of the Fly Inn. Oscar Mantela who was coming out of the Fly Inn's bar saw the drunken moose falling down in front of him and swore off liquor forever. He thought he was hallucinating. The DNR came and took the two moose away , I suppose to sober them up. The question then became how does a moose, a protected animal , end up drunk? It took a lot of detective work but they think they have an answer. They followed the path of destruction out to the farm of Geo Maki. Here they found an old horse trough a quarter full of fermented apple juice. It seems Geo's brother Bill had sent Geo several milk cans of apple juice in an unrefrigerated railcar. In the 90 degree temperature the juice fermented and became quiet strong. Geo decided it wasn't good for anything so he poured it out into the old horse trough at the edge of the woods. He figured it would just evaporate and not pollute anything. The moose came along and drank deeply and then they started for town. One has to wonder if after the DNR sobers the moose up if they will come back looking for another drink. They could become the first mooseaholics.
The potato judging ended today and the Melvin Jamson farm won again. That's three years in a row for Melvin. Well I'll keep you informed.
------- Bad night last night. Forgot to take my purple pill and had a lot of indigestion. This morning we finished the railroad car. It looks pretty good for a first try. I designed it and Betty made it out of plastic scrap left over from the gas station building. In the afternoon we ran a couple of trains and Betty took some pictures. She also went and took pictures of the hospital building which now has a huge hole in the side. Then we worked at cleaning the garage and we are making progress. You can see the floor in some places. We discovered we have six gas cans , all of them red. We found some baseballs and baseball gloves we are going to give to my grandsons and some dollhouse stuff we are giving to my granddaughter .We threw away a barrel of trash. I still don't have a copy of Publisher 98 and without it I can't keep up the church's website. We had to use the printer to download Betty's pictures as we haven't found the Kodak installation disk. Betty went out to water the flowers. I received an E-mail from my grandaughter. It was so good of her to think of me. Well I need a breathing treatment.


Blogger Peter said...

you can never have to many gas cans.
I looked and I have microsoft publisher 2000.
Box car looks good.


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