Saturday, August 27, 2005

Saturday August 27

Saying for the Day:"Life's most persistent and urgent question is, "What are you doing for others?""Martin Luther King, Jr.
------ Mrs. Wilson McMorison III has everyone in Pigeon Falls talking today because she swears she saw a two foot high white rabbit standing on her back stairs. It had on a pink sweater and purple pants and was holding a little duck. It turned its head and looked right at her. That's when she fainted. When she came to the rabbit was gone. One could dismiss the whole story and say she is just getting old and her mind is slipping but she makes perfect sense in everything else. They wanted Pastor Marvel to go and talk to her but he is away on vacation this week. Old Doc Jones did go and see her and he says that nothing is wrong with her. Some are saying she had too much elderberry wine for lunch but that's not very likely. So we can add a white rabbit with a pink sweater to the growing lists of Pigeon Falls mysteries. Mrs. McMorison's cat, by the way, has not returned. The story of the rabbit was told and retold and now even the tourists are looking to see a white rabbit with a pink sweater, no one has of course. The town funny man suggested it might have been the cat dressed up in a rabbit costume, still ashamed to come home. I'm surprised he didn't suggest it was the Bubster , kneeling down and using a hand puppet. Well I'll keep you informed.
---- Had a pretty good night last night but I am still having indigestion. In the morning Betty baked a raspberry pie while I worked in the garage. I took a gondola that we couldn't use on our layout because its hook and loop coupler was upside down and too high to hook in to our rolling stock. I cut off the end and glued an Aristo hook and loop coupler to the underside. It worked very well. Now I need to get metal wheels for it. Then we went shopping in Iron Mountain. I got two pair of pants. We got a bag of dirt for Betty's flowers, some shelving, and a microwave dish for cooking corn on the cob. In the afternoon we went to church at United. It is always good to gather with the people of God for fellowship. A nice lady from Sheboygan sent me a copy of Publisher 98 which works fine. Now I will be able to renew the church and my family web pages. I should have that done by Monday. There are still good people in this world. I put out a request on Freecycle in Green Bay and she answered. Thank you Tarri. Well I need a breathing treatment.


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