Monday, August 29, 2005

Monday August 29

Saying for the Day:"Kindness is like sugar, it makes life taste a little sweeter."Carla Yerovi
------Pigeon Falls is getting ready for the big closing celebration. On Wednesday Pigeon Days comes to an end in a grand fashion. There will be family contests of one kind or another all day. In the evening the main street will be closed off and a big street dance will be held. The Old Timers musical group will provide the music and our Pigeon Queen will have the first dance with the Grand Pigeon. People are looking forward to the event .
School started last Thursday in Pigeon Falls. Mrs.Hilary Henry had here fifth and sixth grade class write three line statements of what they liked or disliked about Pigeon Falls. Here are some of the things they wrote:
Where else can you see a drunken moose on the main street.
All the trains coming and going are fun to watch.
We have the best parade in the country.
I like pigeons and the pigeon statue.
We have our own song, the Pigeon Song, co co co.
There is nothing to do. I hate it.
We might see a white rabbit in a pink sweater.
Walking on the yellow brick road to the mill pond and swimming.
Lots and lots of pasties. We have the best pasty makers.
Pastor Marvel and his funny costumes makes you almost want to go to church.
Family saunas at Jack's Sauna. We are really clean.
Great stories like the pasty eating bear. If I see a bear I'll give him a pasty.
Mrs. Hilary thinks they are pretty good answers. Well I'll keep you informed.
------Good night last night. In the morning I worked on the computer. Betty got up at 6:00 and took out the garbage. Went up to the church and found where the secretary was putting the pictures. Got a haircut to get ready for our anniversary, Betty has been after me for weeks. In the afternoon I put together a magazine rack for the bathroom. Betty cleaned house. I went back to working on the church web page. Its done and out on the web. Now I can start on our web page which is going to be greatly revised. Betty has gone to a bible study at the church. I need a breathing treatment but I'll have to wait for her to come home.


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