Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Wednesday August 31

Saying for the day: I can't do His will my way.
------- Lots of white rabbit sightings in Pigeon Falls today, some by tourists and one by a local. They all described the rabbit as being about two feet tall with a pink sweater and carrying a yellow duck. It winked at them and then hopped away and sort of disappeared. Most of the sightings were down by the train station. This is one mystery that begs for some solution. There can't be a two foot high white rabbit in a pink sweater, let alone one carrying a duck. But then what accounts for the sightings ? Somebody suggested it is some sort of mass hysteria. Somebody else said it will turn out to have something to do with the Bubster. We can now rule out Mrs. Wilson McMorison III's cat as it came home last night with six little kittens dragging along behind. That mystery at least is solved unless of course you want to find the father.
Towner was practicing for the big dance tonight when the patch on his accordion let go. The hole now is so big there is no way to fix it without having a new bellows installed. Pastor Marvel was visiting when the bellows broke and he told Towner he could borrow his accordion for the night. I don't think anybody even knew that the good Pastor had an accordion. It seems his mother made him take lessons when he was a kid when he really wanted to play the guitar. He can only play three songs, "On Top of Old Smokey", " A Finnish Polka". and "Away in a Manger" so he couldn't play for a dance. Towner borrowed the accordion and will play tonight. Well I'll keep you informed.
----- Had a good night last night until 4:00, then I got a leg cramp. I stood up to clear it and the hose came off of the breathing machine and the alarm went off. Poor Betty jumped up , stumbled to the door and turned on the light. I think she thought something terrible was happening and on our anniversary. In the morning I ran trains and put some new metal wheels on some cars that had plastic ones. The new air mattress came and we blew it up and tested it. It has a special part that raises like a hospital bed so I can sleep on it. We will use it when we stay at the kid's house. Betty went to Tops. She gained 1/2 a pound. In the afternoon she put together a thing to hold all the racks, shovels, etc. in the garage. I fixed some track out by the second tunnel. One of the trestles on the far end fell down and the train kept disconnecting there.
Betty will fix that tomorrow. I came in and worked on our web page but it is far from done. Then Betty and I went out for an anniversary supper. We had planned all week on going to Bev's which is just outside of town near the Wisconsin border but when we got there it was closed because of some sort of water problem. So we drove to Spread Eagle where we found a nice little supper club way back in the woods. I had a black Angus steak and Betty had meatballs. We'll both have indigestion tonight but an anniversary is only once a year. Well I need a breathing treatment.


Blogger Peter said...

Glad to hear the air mattress will work out for you. Let us know if you need anything else when you come to stay. - Lori

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