Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Tuesday September 6

Saying for the day:When we get tangled up in our problems, be still. God wants us to be still so He can untangle the knot.
------ It was a glorious fall day in Pigeon Falls today . The morning milk train came through on schedule and had a passenger car on the end filled with people that wanted to see the fall beauty. It was an open car and the M&CL railroad won't be able to run those much longer. In a month or so you will need long underwear to ride in a car like that.
The wonder of the day was somewhat diminished as Henry Jupola, Toivo and Eino's uncle was buried. It was a huge funeral, held at Last Lutheran Church with burial in the cemetery across the street. Pastor Marvel, as usual, preached the promise of Resurrection given to us by Jesus and this brought some comfort to the family. After the funeral the family met to talk about how to care for Saima, Henry's wife. She is an invalid and Henry took care of her. She most certainly can not live alone but none of the relatives want to take her in. She has no living children. The family decided to try to get her to go to the new Assisted Living place that was built just outside of town. She of course doesn't want to leave her home and wants somebody to come and live with her. The family tried to find someone but nobody wants to become a caregiver on that scale. Near the end of the meeting things deteriorated into a first class squabble. People called each other names and even some swear words crossed the table. So the big family meeting ended without any solution and for the moment she is alone in the old house. Well I'll keep you informed.
---- Good night last night. In the morning we made a copy of the VHS tape of Peter's Graduation to A DVD so we can give it to Peter. We have a swell machine that will copy to a DVD anything showing on the TV. I spent the morning working on the family tree. We now have over 900 names and it is still growing. Betty gathered up some things that needed to go to the church and took them there. In the afternoon I finally pulled myself away from the computer and worked in the garage. Then I ran a track cleaner. Betty fixed the trestle that was down and planted the rest of the little trees that were sitting in flower pots. I came back and worked on the web page. well I need a breathing treatment.


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It is always good to have evidence of one's graduation.

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