Saturday, September 03, 2005

Saturday September 3

Saying for the Day:We owe a lot to Thomas Edison - if it wasn't for him, we'd be watching television by candlelight.Milton Berle
------ Saturday night is Sauna night in Pigeon Falls. It can be in their own Sauna in back of the house or at Jack's Public Sauna but wherever they go Saturday night is the night. This is the time to get the body truly clean and ready for church tomorrow, when one can work at cleaning the soul. There is a wide variety of ways to Sauna. some are very shy and wear bathing suits in the steam room others bravely dispense with all clothing and take a Sauna in the traditional manner. The best Sauna's are on the lake and after one is all steamed and lathered up, one runs and jumps into the cold water of the lake. If you survive it is very invigorating. The Sauna has a long history and was once believed by the Finnish people to be the place where the souls of the ancestors reside. A couple of months ago the town had a sauna they thought was haunted. When you went in and sat down strange noises were heard. It sounded like moaning but there wasn't anyone there. When you got up and looked around the noises stopped. The people who used the Sauna both family and friends began to wonder if the spirits of the ancestors did inhabit that Sauna. Then Toivo Jupola, one of the friends that used the Sauna realized that the sounds came only after you sat down. He looked carefully along the board that served as a seat and found a pressure switch hidden in the back. It was set up so that when you sat a tiny tape player turned on with a continuous loop tape and made the noises. They never did find out who put it there but of course they suspect Tommy the undertaker's son.
Confirmation has started at Last Lutheran. The class meets every Saturday morning for two hours. You have to feel sorry for Pastor Marvel who teaches the class because Tommy is one of the students and you know before the year is up he will do something. There are seven other students as well. There aren't too many kids left in Pigeon Falls so the classes have gotten smaller every year. Well I'll keep you informed.
-----Good night last night. Worked on the computer all morning. Went up to the church after lunch. Betty put up the Baptismal banners and I got a copy of the bulletin program from the office as well as leaving some quilting pictures. Coming home I went back to work on the computer and Betty cleaned house. At 4:00 we went to church for the Saturday service. A good sermon that worked in the baptisms, the hurricane, and the texts. It was also a healing service.
Well I need a breathing treatment


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